Cleveland Browns Training Camp is set to stay in Berea in 2016

Though a move has been much-discussed, the Cleveland Browns will hold their 2016 Training Camp in Berea.

They nearly moved it to a city named after a man known for exploring new lands, but the Browns will keep Training Camp near Cleveland for at least another year. 

After a move to Columbus was discussed, the Browns announced on Thursday afternoon that the team's Training Camp will remain in Berea for the 2016 season. 

A successful showing at Cleveland's 2015 preseason scrimmage at Ohio Stadium in the heart of Ohio State's campus all but secured a potential place for the team's training to occur, but other issues lingered and will force the team to wait another year. 

It was reported this week that the Browns were being lured by officials in Columbus to bring Training Camp to Ohio's capital city, as a tax-payer-funded, $5-million dollar structure would be erected, within NFL standards, for the three-week camp. 

For the other 53 weeks of the year, the facility would be used by the city of Columbus for local events and for the taxpayers to use. 

It was reported too that the Browns would have to pay $1-million dollars to logistically move the camp from Berea to Columbus. 

The current Browns facility in Berea is undergoing a $14-millon dollar renovation, in which the area will be expanded and rejuvenated. 

Clearly, the team, for one reason or another, isn't quite prepared to head down I-71 just yet, though the door remains open for that possibility in the post-2016 future. 

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