Browns Suffer Through Disappointing Practice

The Browns defense had a "disappointing" practice this morning against the Buffalo Bills. Get the details on who shined and who struggled from David in the first report from this weekend's scrimmages...

BEREA - After a week and a half of knocking helmets with their own teammates, the Cleveland Browns were looking looking forward to the chance to hit players in different uniforms..

When that opportunity came Friday morning in the first of two practices with the Buffalo Bills, most of the Browns were disappointed in the performance.

Daylon McCutcheon called the effort of the Browns' secondary "a disappointment," with the obvious lowlight being Eric Mould's long touchdown pass from Drew Bledsoe on the first play of team drills.

"I don't feel like the secondary had a good practice," said McCutcheon. "But that's practice. Sometimes you don't play as well as you'd like. We just have to come back in the afternoon and do better."

On Mould's grab, the Browns were in cover-two, "which we didn't do too much of last year," said McCutcheon. "It's a little different scheme for us ... Moulds ran a double move and caught us off guard."

Fellow cornerback Anthony Henry was scolded by coach Butch Davis during the 11-on-11 dirll shen he failed to get off a block in run support.

The Browns defense as a whole was a bit of a disappointment. One of the few bright spots was defensive tackle Alvin McKinley, who easily beat Buffalo's defensive linemen in a series of one-on-one drills.

Second-year linebackers Ben Taylor, Kevin Bentley and Andra Davis all faired well in the middle drill early in the practice. Taylor and Bentley were quick to the ball on several runs by Travis Henry. Taylor also worked well with Barry Gardner, teaming to stand up Buffalo back Olandis Gary at the line of scrimmage.

The hit of the day, however, was delivered by Andra Davis during the second-team's middle drill. Davis filled a hole off the right guard, standing up Gary with a one-on-one tackle.

Overall, Taylor rated the play of the Browns' young linebacking corps just average.

"We made some mistakes, so I'd give it about a ‘C' grade," said Bentley. "We are starting to come together, though. We are communicating pretty well. Probably light years ahead of last year."

The Browns offense also had its struggles, mostly in the early going.

"We didn't start seven-on-seven the way we wanted to," said quarterback Kelly Holcomb. "Sometimes that happens. It happens in games. When it happens, you just have to regroup."

Early in the seven-on-seven drill, Holcomb was intercepted by Bills linebacker London Fletcher, who returned the pick for a touchdown.

Holcomb got the first shot to work with the No. 1 offense against the Bills. Couch worked with the second team. Both played fairly well, but the Browns offense focused on shorter, high-percentage routes. The Bills offense took several chances, even throwing a flea-flicker with Travis Brown's throw nearly being intercepted by rookie Michael Lehan.

Lehan, Chris Crocker and Chaun Thompson were all on the practice field for the first time in training camp after agreeing to five-year contracts. Lehan and Crocker worked right in on team drills. Thompson participated in special teams.

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