Wednesday Tidbits from David Carducci

David Carducci emailed us some brief items on the mood of the Browns camp the day following the tragedies in New York and Washington, which we've recorded here.

The Browns have decided to take a bus to Pittsburgh on Saturday, should the games be played. Feeling around here, however, is that this week's games will be cancelled.

Several Browns were directly impacted by yesterday's terrible events. Lewis Sanders' father (Lewis Sr.) had an office on the 80th floor of the first World Trade Center tower that was hit. He was on one of the lower floors and felt the whole building shake. Lewis didn't find out that his father made it out of the building until around 11 a.m., when he spoke with his mother.

Safety Devin Bush had gone to St. Louis to pick up some personal effects from his home. When his  light back to Cleveland was cancelled due to the U.S. no-fly zone, he tried to rent a car. When he couldn't get a rental, the Browns paid for him to return in a limo. He watched the on-going news coverage on a tv in the back of the limo during the 8-hour drive back to Cleveland. Bush said he doesn't know how he'll ever be able to get on a plane again.

Long-snapper Ryan Kuehl has a home some four miles from the Pentagon. He said he has a friend and former classmate at American University who works in the Pentagon as an Army communications officer. He hasn't heard any news on his friend.

For a Wednesday before a Browns-Steelers game, nobody was thinking about football. During Bill Cowher's teleconference with the Cleveland media, there were no football questions asked other than "should the game be played" and "was it possible to even work on a gameplan yesterday?"

Several players are going to be happy about the decision to take the bus to Pittsburgh - a decision directly related to yesterday's tragedy.

Corey Fuller was in shock. He kept asking "what did we do as a country to make them hate us?" When he opened the newspaper and saw a picture of Bin Laden, he pointed to it and said "that man is the devil."

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