Hue Jackson says Browns will take a quarterback in the draft

Browns coach addressed several topics at the NFL Combine, including drafting a quarterback and Johnny Manziel

It wasn’t a big surprise that there wasn’t  a lot of breaking news coming out of Hue Jackson’s press conference at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, but there were a few nuggets that can be gleaned on a number of topics, including the talk of the Browns drafting a quarterback. Jackson also talked about Johnny Manziel.

On drafting a quarterback, Jackson said the Browns will draft a quarterback, but didn't commit to drafting one with the second overall pick.

Jackson: "We will come out of this draft with a quarterback, I can guarantee you that."

On Johnny Manziel’s status as of March 9:

Jackson: “We all know and understand  and we made a statement about Johnny Manziel and we’re going to stand by that. His situation will be addressed.

“That behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Our organization is going to take a stand.”

Jackson on quarterback Carson Wentz playing at FCS school North Dakota State:

Jackson: “(That) won't be a criteria that stops us (from drafting him).We're going to draft who we think is the best player."

How important is the size of the quarterbacks hands:

Jackson: “Quarterback hand size does matter, especially in AFC North.”

Will Hue Jackson attend top QB Pro Days? 

Jackson: ”I sure will. I think I'd better."

On the chances of keeping Browns pending free agents:

Jackson: “They have the opportunity to leave, but we them all back but that has to be a right fit for us. We have to build this football team the right way but need to build sustainable success for our football team. I wold love to keep them all but they have to want to stay. Would I love to have them all back? Absolutely.”

Do you get the sense the top possible free agents want to stay?:

Jackson: “I’ve had some great conversations with that group and I feel very comfortable that they want to be a part of what we’re trying to accomplish and where we’re going. I would love to have everyone that we draft from here on stay.”

Does character matter to you as a new head coach?:

Jackson: “We’re looking for high character guys.”

Jackson said the Browns have not heard anything regarding the status Josh Gordon on his appeal of his indefinite suspension.

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