Sashi Brown: Spot for Gordon if re-instated; done talking about Manziel

Sashi Brown talked about the possibility of Josh Gordon returning to the Browns but didn't want to talk about Johnny Manziel

It appears the Browns are willing to give one player another chance, while they are done with another.

Sashi Brown said that if Josh Gordon is reinstated by the NFL, he indicated the Browns are open to giving him another chance.

"By all signs he's on the path to come back and be reinstated,” Brown said. 

Brown said there is a spot on the roster for Gordon should he get reinstated and does the right things.  

He said Gordon is 'tremendously talented. He's accountable for his mistakes ... We feel there's a spot on the roster for him.”

Brown said he doesn’t expect to hear whether Gordon is reinstated or not before free agency begins on March 9.

Brown said "Josh is a good young man who we hope has a bright future.”

Brown said that he is hopeful Gordon has learned his lesson going forward, if he gets one more chance.

“I think Josh is wise enough to know that eyes will be on  him,” he said. “I trust that he will have learned enough to give himself an opportunity, but he has to be reinstated first.”

As far as Johnny Manziel, the Browns are done talking about him and he will almost certainly be released on March 9.

“I’m not going to comment on Johnny,” Brown said. “We want to respect the young man’s privacy and the organization has spent enough time (talking about him).”


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