Johnny Manziel's domestic violence case has been referred to a grand jury

The Dallas Police department has concluded the investigation into Johnny Manziel's domestic violence case.

Johnny Manziel's misdemeanor domestic violence case was referred to a grand jury, the Dallas Police Department said in a statement on Thursday. 

If charged, Manziel could spend up to a year in jail and could be fined up to $4,000 dollars. 

Manziel was recently dropped by both his agent and his marketing firm and he'll be soon cut by the Browns on March 9. 

The incident for which Manziel may be charged involved a dispute between he and Colleen Crowley, in which he reportedly hit her with his open hand and ruptured her eardrum after arguing in a Dallas area hotel. 

Crowley initially indicated that should would not press charges, but decided to do so just days after the incident.

She also requested a restraining order against Manziel, which was granted and forces Manziel to remain 500 feet from her home and her work, while he pays for a $12,000 legal fee. 

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