's Mock Draft Muncher returns

Use the Mock Draft Muncher to escape the inevitable Mock Draft-inspired fear, paranoia, and stress this Spring. Visit it today. Do it.


There are shortages of many things in this world, but one thing is in ample supply, especially this time of year: Mock Drafts. They proliferate like rabbits, densely packing the landscape between February and May.

The multitude of mocks with their conflicting predictions is enough to leave an NFL fan filled with stress, at a loss for where to turn amidst the din.

But don’t worry. Scout is here to help.

Using the very latest available computer technology, we’ve created the perfect tool to make sense of multitudes of mock drafts: The Mock Draft Muncher.

By entering dozens of mock drafts into a database and then analyzing them for averages, trends, high/low selections and more, the Mock Draft Muncher provides an aggregate view of what’s going on in the world of mock drafts. Now, with the Mock Draft Muncher, you can get on with your busy day WITHOUT having to visit 30 updated mock drafts every day to keep track of who’s rising and falling.

Naturally, you may ask how one can take advantage of such a wonderous technical advance. Here are some features of the Mock Draft Muncher.

Players By Selection: Shows which player is most often selected as a draft position in the first three rounds by the mock drafts.

Selection Detail: Zero in on how various mock drafts are selecting this position, measured over time. Example: Who are the Browns picking at spot #2 in the draft?

Players by Average Draft Position: We average the draft positions that players are selected at in the various mock drafts to come up with a new sort of draft ranking:

Player Detail: Shows how an individual player is rising or falling over time. Who’s trending up or down in the mock drafts? This shows you!

Selections by Team: Shows you who was picked in the various mock drafts for each selection a particular team holds. Example:

Mocks We Munched: Links to all the mock drafts that are used by the Muncher.


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