Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here is the transcript from last Thursday night's chat. We've trimmed out most of the chatter and discussions about signing draft picks, although Lane called Lehan's signing as likely to be "official" the next morning, which it was. See? You gotta be there! We've left the discussion about position battles and how players have looked at camp. We're holding another chat on Thursday night... join us at 9PM and get your Browns questions answered!

artbtz Lane!!
Lane Hey AB
ramllov How do you like the way the defense is coming along,, Lane/Ron?
Lane On Lehan......they have agreed on the majority of his deal, a couple issues remain, both sides are optimistic that he will be 'official' tomorrow
RonJantz I'm encouraged. I gotta trust Butch's judgement on the lbs
ramllov What is the hangup with the sixth round choice?
howldawg HI Art ,Lane welcome Ron
RonJantz hey howldawg
browns28 lane do you think thompson will make an impact later in the year like willie green?
Lane I believe that Thompson's athletic ability makes his a candidate to contribute in a big way in a speed base defense
RonJantz I think Thompson will...later in the year... as you say. Nothing right now though...for a guy from such a small school to flat out miss as much as he has just leaves me shaking my head
ramllov Lane do you see Thompson as a rush line backer for sacks?
Lane Thompson could be, I also question the judgment in keeping this kid out of camp
browns28 do you think he is too far behind
Lane He is far behind considering that the young linebackers have been doing well
browns28 thanks lane
RonJantz On the question of is he too far behind...he's far behind...but...In talking to other defensive guys...they seem to think Campo's dee is basic in it's maybe that'll help the kid
artbtz How hard is ""run to the ball"", eh?
__BT How's Michael Josiah looking?
Lane I haven't had the opportunity to be camping out in Berea guys, hobbled with a knee that I am having surgery on and a broken foot have limited my mobility, so I have been doing some serious phone work :-)
teco is Suggs gonna be available early in the season?
Lane Suggs could be available, if they want him to be
__BT he could fill the rush linebacker slot
newdawg depends on which end of the table you sit at. if he develops, he may have kissed several hundred thousand dollars by signing for 5 years.
browns28 i think our d is going to surprise some ppl this year i don't think it is going to be as bad as media sees it
artbtz Look for the nitwit webmaster column in this week's magazine, 28, I agree with you.
ramllov How much of a benefit is the five year contracts going to be for the Browns as it relates to cap over the next five years?
RonJantz ram...don't know the specs but my guess is that it'll be a was probably designed to be cap friendly otherwise I can't see Carmen doing it
artbtz Ram, they're paying these kids a little extra, but they get to spread it out over five years. I haven't done the math, but that's a cap-winner unless you have to cut the player.
Lane If the draft is as good as they believe, the 5-years lock a player in when he should be excelling, which also is a way to push off free agency, keeping the player and the roster in tact for a longer duration
BrownsFEVAH LANE: are other teams going for the 5 year contracts also?
Lane Some other teams did, most not with the success of the Browns
ramllov If the Browns plan to make a run at the playoffs, it will be nice to have the continuity.
RedDawg4325 What are the chances they play Green and White together at times?
teco Jamel and Willie both look so good!!
Lane I haven't been there teco..........Ron and Dave have been campers
teco Lane, Mustard 's looking good as well
RonJantz Mustard is leading the tallies in ""hollers"" from fans...they like a big fella with a cool name
BrownsFEVAH LANE: why do think the Browns have had more success at?
Lane The Browns have stuck with their guns and they have a couple guys in Berea that have the ability to get a point across
teco Ron, I thought he looked pretty good--soft hands and a runaway truck look to him after catching the ball
artbtz Mustard dropped another pass today, though...
RonJantz too much ketchup on it huh
teco ouch
Lane LOL
newdawg if he doesn't miss any blocks, i'd keep him.
howldawg Art that would worry me except most of our tight ends seem to forget to catch the ball
browns28 lane hope the knee gets better my bro torn his acl last week playing basketball
Lane Not good 28, sorry to hear that
browns28 know how much it sucks
BrownsFEVAH glad Mustard doesn't play for Heinz Field ...those animals would go crazy.
RonJantz howldawg...the tight ends are hoping to change that this year...they'd really like to be a contributing factor
newdawg what about H-back.
RonJantz that's funny FEVAH
RonJantz I think they'd really like Shea to continue in that roll...that wld mean Heiden and Sanders...maybe Mustard would have to take charge
browns28 i am planning on going to training camp next year i am coming from houston and going to stay in cleveland w/family and tips you can give me for next year?
artbtz Aspirin and water helps minimize the hangover, 28.
browns28 lol good one art
Guest7 hey i have never been up to berea for camp any advice on what is a good day to go? i will be making the drive up from columbus
__BT aladdin's is the best restaurant in berea
teco White was even bigger then last year
RedDawg4325 White and Green together sometimes, any thoughts guys?
teco Shea was looking pretty good too....
ramllov How good does Zukauskus look this year? Strong enough for RG?
howldawg How is White's recovery coming from the headaches
RedDawg4325 Are any of the FA O-lineman standing out?
BrownsFEVAH Ron J: if nothing else ...we can't allow Pizzburgh to even try getting Mustard
__BT there are no decent hotels in the area
artbtz The weekdays are better IMO 7... its easier to get a good place at the fence.
teco we wore our welcome out at the motel 6
teco they found the bike in the room amid all the beer bottles
howldawg Teco which did they complain about the bike or the bottles ;-)
howldawg I don't know about that Art Monday was really pretty full
browns28 thanks art
ramllov Lane/Ron? The Browns have to beat the Steelers this year to go anywhere. Have they improved enough?
Lane Offensively the Browns should be a threat, defense is the question. There will be some serious youth and inexperience on the field, it will depend on how quickly they get it together
RonJantz I think so. I gotta believe the defense will be better. Hold on before you throw stuff at me for saying that...but look...last years dee gave up over 330 yds a game and nearly 3 can't be worse. The offense will continue to grow and with Green ready from the start..let's get the Stillers
artbtz Dave!!!!
teco Hey Dave
artbtz The gangs all here
DavidCarducci Sorry I'm late. Internet trouble
FLADAWG Hey everyone!
ramllov HEY Dave
howldawg HI Dave
RonJantz hey dave
artbtz Yeah... it's never deserted if I remember from last year.
browns28 if anyone want to know... espn is having 2002 browns yearbook on tomorrow at1pm
teco speed makes up for a lot, and warren promised me that he was gonna bust some heads this year
__BT ron, good call
newdawg it's can't be worse? do you remember the 1999 & 2000 Browns?
teco they were pretty much speechless
Guest7 is that 1pm eastern time?
howldawg LOL
artbtz LOL... newdawg...
browns28 i think it is central
artbtz Remember...yes... it's the nightmare I can't forget
BoMeister any word on more signings since Crocker??
teco Crocker's signed?
__BT yes
BoMeister hey guest98, verdict is they can't pronounce his name even in Cleve...LOL
artbtz I haven't heard much about him 98, other than he's got a lot to learn.
DavidCarducci Hello
BrownsFEVAH Da VID!!!
newdawg Hi Dave.
BoMeister yes teco...see Bernie's main page and browns official site
DavidCarducci Hi Ron, Lane, AB, newdawg, ram, everyone
DavidCarducci Not since I left Berea, which was a bit earlier than I expected
BoMeister yeah but Suggs will be a non factor this yr...even if ready by Sept 7
Lumpy thanks Dave
teco Suggs could be ready early is what I heard
DavidCarducci Policy said he was hopeful to have Lehan agreed by late tonight and tomorrow at the latest.
__BT the ""reach"" rationale doesn't really apply to any of the guys who are left. is Carmen preparing a different spin?
DavidCarducci Sure thing Lumpy
Lane Lehan is expected tomorrow, a couple minor issues remain on his deal
artbtz Garay's one of these guys who could have been a much higher draft choice without injury problems. He probably thinks he can get big money after a couple of years.
BrownsFEVAH minor issues what color hummer?
DavidCarducci Not sure BT. I'm sure he won't have trouble putting a spin on it, though
Guest7 is Garay gonna play end or tackle?
artbtz I think that's why Garay is balking at the five year deal. It's understandable, in my opinion, but anyone who has been in Ask teh Insiders recently knows I come out of left field on this issue.
__BT garay was picked by buchsbaum as a late first rounder before he got hurt the last time
BoMeister only if he turns around like a Northcutt
RonJantz how is it out there inleft field art?
newdawg Garay probably will needs lots of technique work. he missed tons of time in college.
DavidCarducci True AB. That's why I think he needs to get in and take a reasonable offer. With his injury history, who knows what opportunity he will have in years to come.
Lumpy try bleacher seats AB (:
Guest158 I tore my acl - very painful/ HOE ARE THE LB's LOOKING?
FLADAWG Is Suggs going to hold out?
artbtz Hee hee... Ron, I'm really antagonistic about the five year contracts because I think it screws up the collective bargaining agreement.
newdawg I have the same opinion, Art, and I'm in the bleachers.
artbtz You and me newdawg... Must be on the front rooooooow!
BoMeister Dave u got any relatives in Columbus with same last name? Some famous Carducccis down here
DavidCarducci LB's look pretty good. I was impressed today with Andra Davis. I really am starting to like Bentley more than I thought I would
artbtz There's potential for collusion and labor strife if management takes a ""five or nothing"" approach. I'm pretty fired up about it, LOL.
DavidCarducci Sorry. Said Bentley, I mean Ben .. Taylor
BrownsFEVAH would love to have been a fly on Policy's wall when he got the okay call from Thompson's agent conceding.
__BT that's great to hear about taylor
newdawg art, lol.
ramllov love those caps
DavidCarducci BoMeister, I don't have any in Columbus. A few in Pittsburgh, Washington DC and the Penn State area
BoMeister alrighty then
DavidCarducci And a bunch of relatives in the Abruzzi region of Italy
FLADAWG Dave is Bodden still looking like a sleeper
newdawg for those who are at the camps, how are the guards looking?
Lumpy How was Faine today?
artbtz BTW, Bettis was on the sidelines today because of a sore foot. Those Steelers are older than you might think...
Lane Yeah, read that in Hot News
teco Anyone catch Hikos post about Don Carmen and his boys coming over to get Chaun to sign? It's in the 'Cooler and funny as hell
DavidCarducci FLADAWG, he continues to look good. Bodden has become a favorite of several of us in the media
__BT those damn linebackers aren't too old, though
ramllov This guy Bodden, does he look like a nickle or dime guy or practice squad?
DavidCarducci Faine was fine Lumpy. It was a pretty low-key day. He had a nice block in a middle drill, combo with Stokes to open a hole for a big run by William Green
artbtz Steeler site is pounding out the news quickly.. I haven't seen that anywhere else yet.
FLADAWG Chances of any UDFAs making the 53
Guest7 u referring to the logo on the official website 98?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think most likely a practice squad guy.
artbtz Bodden and Unck seem the early leaders.
teco logo sux
browns85 C.J Jones?
howldawg Ditto teco
FLADAWG Art Unck??
artbtz If we ignore that logo maybe it will go away.
DavidCarducci I like CJ Jones. I also like what I've seen out of Alston, but I don't think it will be easy for a WR to win a job with the current receiving corps
ramllov lbh
artbtz Mason Unck... has an outside shot on special teams.
* BoMeister don't like the Brown B eh?
teco I swear I see that abomination on the helmet, I'll be climbing a tower...
Lumpy Is there a possiblility of campo rotating 4-5 linebackers?...and with the coverage skills/speed of the young ones, does that leave Boyer on ST's?
RonJantz don't do it teco
DavidCarducci I've heard nothing but good things about Unck. I'm looking forward to seeing him in full-speed special teams drills Saturday.
TheOz Any word on an extension for Northcutt?
artbtz I don't like anything that could somehow be used to mess with tradition in the name of sports gear sales.
howldawg David any chance of CJ beating out king.
FLADAWG Not familiar with Unck thats why I asked
BoMeister if he has no injury Northcutt is making himself indispensable
RonJantz lumpy...if it does...that's a plus...he's a great spot player
artbtz I'm still ticked off about the Official Dawg Pound Official Logo of Officialness.
artbtz Might as well put Mickey Mouse ears on the thing.
Guest7 i don't mind the logo as long as they keep it off the helmets but it would make a nice ball cap logo
artbtz If it goes on the helmets, there gonna be a war, LOL.
DavidCarducci Jeremy Lloyd hasn't really done anything to stand out while I've been watching. The coaching staff has the luxury of watching loads and loads of film on these guys
Lumpy i'm w AB, that logo reeks
BoMeister maybe we need to get to the Super Bowl 1st and then go to war on logos LOL
artbtz I like that plan BoMeister.
teco If they sell enough of this logo, we'll see more of it--we're being probed
browns85 Which Guard if any will be the odd man out?
BoMeister how was the QB competition today?? any big + or -??
FLADAWG When will the first cuts take place
DavidCarducci BoMeister, I've been pretty impressed by Couch all week, but Holcomb probably did a bit more to impress today
ramllov Butch seemed to talk up Louis Sanders DB today. Has he looked good and could he beat out Henry?
BoMeister reaslly? in what way?
newdawg how are the guards looking? are they an asset or liability?
RonJantz the cut to 65 players on August 53 five days after that
artbtz I'd put my money on Zuk, 85. He barely made the cut last year, and that was when Qasim wasn't a factor.
BoMeister I know every one thinks Holcomb can throw 400+ each game but can he really? Am pretty sure he would not go to the Wailing Wall like TC
AI 25%% practice, 75%% pre-season game play. Do you guys feel as though those percentages will determine who our QB will be in week one?
DavidCarducci Al, I think you are exactly right. The preseason is by far the best gauge of who is playing the best
BoMeister dunno but I'll bet $$ invested in TC makes him starter
artbtz BoMeister, I don't think so, which I base on the weaknesses in the secondaries he faced and the way he looked against the Ravens before Ray Lewis left the game.
howldawg How is Qasim progressing
RonJantz I'd definitely say the games will carry much more weight. I'm not a big fan of judging a QB in practice
BoMeister yep
Lumpy AB-i thought Zuk was playing tough in camp??
DavidCarducci Davis said it today. Couch and Holcomb know where to go when they are in trouble because they know these corners so well from practicing day after day against them
artbtz I haven't heard anything strongly pro or anti, mostly just looking at the numbers.
artbtz Good point Dave
DavidCarducci What they need is to get the opportunity to go against a few different jerseys, different corners, with different tendencies
BoMeister yep
DavidCarducci Thanks AB. Having a hard time keeping up
Guest7 so who are u insiders picking to be the starting guards?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, Qasim is progressing, but he really does look raw
BoMeister even exhibitions don't bring that out, everyone plays 2nd and 3rd strings so as not to injure starters
DavidCarducci They are spending a lot of time with Qasim, teaching him footwork and the basics,
artbtz Stokes and OHara to start the year
RonJantz yea art...I agree
DavidCarducci nobody needs this type of work like they will have against Buffalo more than Qasim and the young linebackers
newdawg how is fowler looking?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, Fowler is looking better every day
BoMeister Stokes? hope he doesn't run for Congress or Mayor with that name...LOL
DavidCarducci he is getting more and more comfortable at Guard
RonJantz Butch made it a point to talk about Fowler ...he likes what he sees
newdawg does he look like a future player?
DavidCarducci In fact, I had a chance to hang out with his father for a little while just yesterday. I'm starting to like the progress he has made,
DavidCarducci he has also changed his body type. Much bigger. Much stronger. Benching more. He's lost some of that baby fat
hendawg what's the latest with CB?
FLADAWG Are they still working Fowler at any center duties?
Lumpy 9 or 10 offensive linemen make the team?
ramllov Dave are you talking about Mitchell?
ramllov Fowler? ok\
BoMeister Will be strong enough at CB...everyone worries about LB but the corners can kill us on the long ball if not the right group
__BT that's great news
DavidCarducci I think Melvin can be a decent NFL guard. But it could take some time, just like Zukauskas, who really seems to be getting it
__BT if we can shake the round three jinx..
DavidCarducci Sorry if I'm missing questions.
DavidCarducci Having a hard time keeping up
DavidCarducci Small computer screen on this laptop
Guest347 Do you think browns could have a top five offense this year?
artbtz Definately 347
Guest347 sweet
DavidCarducci Guest347, I think it has that potential if the offensive line can continue to gel with the addition of Faine. The talent is there at WR, and the depth. And William Green looks like a different guy.
DavidCarducci Ram, No, I was finishing the question of Fowler
ramllov Dave you are doing great.
FLADAWG size is everything Dave!
DavidCarducci Lumpy, right now Zuk is far ahead of Fowler
newdawg too many broken fingers from playing rugby.
RonJantz did art buy you a laptop...that was nice of him
DavidCarducci Nope. Unfortunately, I bought this myself
artbtz Good one Ron! LOL...
ramllov Is ZUK the LG or RG?
BoMeister hahaha make sure to use accelerated depreciation Dave
artbtz If I bought you one Dave, you would have to get used to those Commodore 64 keys
teco lol
howldawg Ron if Art bought it it would be the size of a gameboy
FLADAWG I see yor progressing Art
artbtz Darn right. No longer giving out the IBM PC Juniors.
RonJantz you've got a good rep amongst the fellas art
artbtz LOL
newdawg i've got one of those if someone wants it.
BrownsFEVAH DAVID: is Faine really as big (weight/hgt) as his bio says?
browns85 So you have zuk, fowler, ohara, qasim, stokes at OG, do they all stay?
DavidCarducci BrownsFEVAH, Faine looks big. He doesn't have that baby fat some rookies --- like Fowler, Zukauskas, Bedell --- had when they came in during previous years
FLADAWG Anyone really look out of shape
howldawg Dave does Faine look like he could be ready by opening day?
DavidCarducci howldawg, I'm certain he will be ready by opening day. Faine has a great attitude. Give him a preseason game or two, and he'll be back in with the 1's full time
RonJantz boy Dave...I agree...the kid Faine is solid...i hope he's as tough as Baab was
AI If you guys had to cite one player that has, gotten stronger, noticably faster, and is more agressive/hungry than the rest this year, who would it be?
teco I also thought Fat $$ looked alot better then last season as well--If he is in fact, ""back"", that would go a long way towards hiding other weaknesses on the D
BoMeister Faine should be an animal even as a rookie, everyone conceeded he's starting C as soon as he signed
ramllov Ron/Dave do you think this offensive line could break the top 16 before the end of the season?
DavidCarducci Ram, it's possible. I'm a believer in investing high picks on offensive linemen, but I also believe that a good line coach can build a solid line if he has the opportunity to keep a group together
DavidCarducci That's the thing with this line. They are starting to work well together
RonJantz ram...I hope it does before can't be all starts up front
hendawg Is CBrown going to be involved with hitting soon?
Lumpy Verba, Tucker, Gonzo, Fowler, Stokes, Zuk, OHara, Faine, Mitchell all stick...that is 9. Sound correct??
artbtz I can't argue with that list too much Lumpy
FLADAWG We seem awful thin on the defensive front any possible new faces?
RonJantz fladwag...yea Courtney Brown lol
Guest347 What Browns go to the Pro-bowl this year?
artbtz Good question 347.... Green and one of the receivers have shots I would say.
BrownsFEVAH G347 ...the O line
BODawg Ron/Dave, what are the chances of our D-line being dominant this year????
FLADAWG I'm keeping my fingers crosssed on CB
BODawg Dave, do you think that Faine is the real deal for this year and the future????
DavidCarducci BODawg, I do think he is the real deal. For a rookie, I love the attitude he already has. This guy could be the type of rock Dawson was for the Steelers
howldawg Ron who has impressed you most so far in camp?
RonJantz josh booty...I love watching that kid throw
BODawg Thanks Dave.
BrownsFEVAH explain ron
RonJantz fevah...well, I'm not saying he's challenging's just nice to watch a guy with a rocket throw the football and be on trget. H emay be tops in that category on the team...AGAIN that doesn't mean anything like he's going to upseat Couch
DavidCarducci Booty has a great arm, doesn't he. And he is a great guy. Good golfer, too, which always earns my respect
teco Booty looks comfortable out there
DavidCarducci He really does. I think in a year or so, should a Holcomb want to go somewhere else, Booty is a very viable No. 2
Lumpy Lets move on to the DL...who sticks and who doesn't?
artbtz Brown, Word, McKinley, Warren, Lang all stick... Garay a possibility, Scott a possibility. Davis likes a deep rotation on the DL.
artbtz Of course, Garay has to freaking sign first.
hendawg Hybl have a chance vs. Booty?
teco Hybl looks good as well--man are we loaded at QB
DavidCarducci Hybl could always do a Kevin Thompson and come up with a convenient injury right at the end of camp... allow the Browns to send him to Europe next year
newdawg how much better is tim? is he still holding the ball too long?
teco yes--tim continues to hang onto the ball-a wr was teasing him about it in front of us Saturday
RonJantz guys one thing that I've always noticed about Couch (in years past) is he doesn't always release the ball BEFORE the wr makes his cut...maybe this year...with two solid years under his belt with this WR group...that'll change. It will sure make a difference
FLADAWG Dave was Campbell really upset he was traded?
DavidCarducci Fladawg, I talked with Shea today, and he said Campbell seems pretty happy in Buffalo. He is No. 1 on the depth chart.
DavidCarducci So, he's getting a chance to play more with the Bills, where with Heiden and a healthy Shea, he would have dropped a bit if he stayed here
DavidCarducci SHea is still a coaches favorite
DavidCarducci Ram, so far Sanders hasn't shown what I hoped. I love Sanders size-speed combo, but he still doesn't seem to play with much authority. And he doesn't use his size to his advantage at corner.
DavidCarducci If a guy like Unck shows something, I would be surprised to see the Browns give up on Sanders, considering they wanted him to be a special-teams demon
Lumpy Can Shea play the H back or fullback slot and block somebody? Or is he just a decoy and pass catcher?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, Shea can play all three, H-back, Tight end and fullback, but he is hoping to play less FB considering his shoulder problems. He said today that he feels too tall to play fullback, and the lack of leverage hurts his game ... and is a reason, he thinks, for some of the nagging injuries
Guest7 sanders the backup at safety with jamison once the rookie corners sign?
DavidCarducci Guest7, he has the size to play safety. He's played both corner and some safety in nick and dime packages
RonJantz lumpy interesting question about Shea in fb spot. I think he's tough enough to take on guys and block...and it's not like the Browns have FB's laying around
artbtz An article on Campbells feelings came through the raw feed yesterday:
browns85 Where's Bowers?
DavidCarducci Bowers is on the physically unable to perform list
ramllov I thought I heard Butch praise Sanders DB today, thanks for your response dave.
DavidCarducci Ram, he might have. I haven't been terribly impressed so far though.
BoMeister fora fullback we need someone like Tampa Bay's Alsott
DavidCarducci I think with the problem of no FB, you are going to see a whole lot more of the multiple tight end set out of the Browns this year.
DavidCarducci Less true two-back
Lumpy how about green and white in the same back white gonna block for him...or is he getting too dinged up trying?
RonJantz I gotta believe Jamel's not big enough to take the consistent pounding lumpy
teco if 'cutt goes down, we'll see more 2 back as White will create the mismatch then right?
Lumpy the mismatches they creat with cutt, green and white are mind boggling
DavidCarducci They do continue to work on some 2-back with Green and White together, but I don't think it is so much with the idea of using White as a blocker as it is to show a different look, force opposing teams to account for his speed, etc.
RonJantz Oh...I love to watch him doubt Jamel's a weapon
Lumpy on the edge white could seal or cut block,right?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, he could.
BoMeister i love when they jazz it up with Northcutt in motion and taking a handoff...throws defense off big time
DavidCarducci BoMeister, it's also a nice option with Quincy because of his additional size. It's worked a few times
ramllov I will be interested in how much of a high powered offense we will have this year?
RonJantz ram the possibilites really make you wonder don't they...this offense could be a real treat...especially if Green starts out strong
AI With this Offense's expectations, do you see any no-huddle this year to further pressure the defenses?
RonJantz absolutely...on the no huddle
howldawg feva good point
hendawg What do you think about Suggs for this year?
DavidCarducci Hendawg, Policy said he wouldn't be surprised to see Suggs ready by the opener
BODawg Ron/Dave, in your opinion, who is the odd man out at RB???
DavidCarducci BODawg, James Jackson hasn't shown much. They may keep both for a bit, possibly with Suggs spending a week or two on the PUP
RonJantz Well...early odds are it's JJ. That could change with a change isn Suggs status
BrownsFEVAH QUESTION: how tall is BD? Saw a pic of BD and CB and CB wasn't that much taller
DavidCarducci BD's pretty tall. Maybe 6-4?
BODawg Thanks Dave.
ramllov Who looks like the sixth Lb this year?
artbtz Any last questions before we shut 'er down?
DavidCarducci anything else of interest tonight?
Guest7 so who is the starting mlb sep 7 gardner or davis?
DavidCarducci I think it will be Gardner, but I look for Davis to eventually move in, at least taking some time. I like Davis more and more
ramllov Not counting Boyer
AI First half of the schedule...what record do you guys feel as though we'll need to be competitive for the second half of the season? 4-4?
ramllov The Browns will have seven or eight Lbs thisyear yes?
newdawg what's your impressions of CB?
Guest7 and will word start over courtney?
browns85 What kind of speed does Ben Taylor have?
browns85 is he for real?
RonJantz sorry guys trying to keep up
BrownsFEVAH Nite all! ...I am SO pumped for Browns football!
Lumpy apologies for getting a thread heated up in the Insider forum...i liked your take, but feel the rookies have lost valuable time...good thing we are so deep (:
DavidCarducci Al, probably about that
RonJantz nite fevah
artbtz If we're four-four after the first eight, we're not in bad shap at all.
AI Thx Dave.
ramllov Thanks for a nice chat mem
DavidCarducci Browns85, I'm not sure of his times, but he is fast. More importantly, he is very smart, so his ability to read and diagnose a play makes him seem even faster
AI I felt the same way with 'that' schedule...
artbtz No problem Lumpy... it's an interesting topic that gets me fired up.
browns85 Thanks Dave
RonJantz thanks ram
DavidCarducci sure thing
artbtz Later guys!
RonJantz see ya
Lumpy thanks Insiders and all fans !!!
DavidCarducci Newdawg, sorry, didn't get yours.
DavidCarducci I'm happy with CB
howldawg thanks for the time and info Dave , Ron & Art
DavidCarducci he's doing more than I thought, and that is encouraging
AI Later Art!
DavidCarducci It is do or die for him this year, in my opinion
Guest7 thanks guys see u opening day vs the colts
DavidCarducci take care
BODawg Thanks Dave, Ron, Art and all the insiders.
Fairwayseeker This was great Dave & Ron, Thanks!
DavidCarducci Guys, I'm off to bed. Long day tomorrow.
RonJantz thank you BO
DavidCarducci Thanks everyone
DavidCarducci Great job Ron and AB
browns85 thank you
DavidCarducci take care
AI Thanks guys...
RonJantz take care Dave

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