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There’s been a lot of great activity in Ask the Insiders, and here’s a small sample:

PKF704: Any word on if Haslam is finally stepping back and letting his employees work w/o micro managing now that most every position is filled?? Seems like that was a concern early on this yr and evident last year in drafting of frat boy Manziel. Just haven’t heard much on this front.

Lane Adkins: He is much less a factor today than he was while the organization was in the hiring process, the Hue Jackson hire helped calm the storm within the ranks, some people removed from the process and org. has brought the professional and personnel sides together.

Haslam will always be around the situation, hopefully he has learned that letting people do what they know usually is the solid path to take.

Jlacroix: James Laurinitis. Any interest?

Lane Adkins: Not that I’ve heard.

BarkeviousRizzo: After the Mack opt out - do you think the agent’s comments about returning to Browns are legitimate or primarily an effort to push up the offers and use the Browns only for leverage? It’s happened to us plenty in the past.

Lane Adkins: The Browns have a legitimate chance to re-sign him if they are willing to make him the highest paid center in the league and plus some. Once he hits FA and other team ‘officially’ speak with his rep, he’ll get the contract he seeks.

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There’s also been a lot of great activity in The Fast Lane:

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Here are some of the latest questions asked in ATI:

BarkeviousRizzo: Why can’t the Browns front load the contracts or have larger early guaranteed contracts for the “premium” players while we still have plenty of cap room? If they are afraid to get into contracts with large cap ramifications later - then why not negotiate appropriately similar to other teams in our division? GET THE ANSWER!

SalDawg: Is it just me or does it seam the Browns are always flush with cap space ,but refuse to pay players that have performed well? Makes me wonder if Jimmy is like Dolan. GET THE ANSWER!

SnakeLaFleur: Any idea what the Browns plans would be for Cam Erving if Alex Mack is re-signed to a long-term deal? Would he just be a super back up or would they try to find a place for him elsewhere? He played Left Tackle for a while at FSU, so would he be a candidate to slide over to right tackle (if Schwartz leaves), or would that be too much of a stretch? GET THE ANSWER!

Rpounardjian: Welcome back, you are the best. Considering that the Browns seem to favor Wentz over Goff right now, who do YOU favor at #2? Assuming Tunsil is taken #1, who do you like? GET THE ANSWER!

SalDawg: Cut the fat…wouldn’t it make sense to cut guys like Bowe, JFF, etc to create the money to pay Mack, Schwartz? GET THE ANSWER!


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