Latest Cleveland Browns scoop from Ask the Insiders (Sunday edition)

The questions and information are flying around in the OBR Premium Forums and Lane Adkins has been working overtime to answer as many of the questions as possible.

Here are some recent highlight from Ask the Insiders:

OhioAkronDan: Do the Browns view Josh Gordon as their long term #1 WR? If not, does Hue believe in that they must target a WR high in the draft to give his hand picked QB a legit weapon and chance to develop chemistry?

LaneAdkins: They believe Gordon, if right, is one of the best WRs in the league – problem is, you can’t afford to take the mentality that he’ll walk in and everything is going to be rosy.

There is a belief that they’ll really sit and understand him – ensure he understands what the team/ORG is about going forward and what they expect from him.

That being said, the Browns have had interest in WRs in FA – the unbelievable contracts WRs are commanding in FA has many teams - not just the Browns - shaking their heads.

The ORG is looking at WR options and that includes the draft.

One note we have heard from a couple different source types is the Browns are looking at every team in the league, examining their depth charts and are formulating/analyzing potential trade partners to improve the immediate quality and depth within the Browns roster.

James1234: Do you think the Browns or Kapernick get a resolution or that the 49ers ask for this to be done in the next 48 hours or so so that they can either trade him or move on or keep Him on roster?. Kapernick seems like he wants this done so what’s your best guess,,, does it happen or is kapernick getting nervous about coming to Cleveland and would he decide to just stay with 49ers? Or is their not a timetable on the 49ers part to get this done?

LaneAdkins: There hasn’t been an official line drawn in the sand regarding a drop-dead date. At some point if an agreement between the agent and Browns doesn’t occur, or if another team doesn’t sweeten their offer, SF will pull back the ability to negotiate with the agent for a trade.

It’s as simple as this, Kaepernick wants the $$$ his agent negotiated in his long-term extension with the 49ers. The player is willing to move, change up his base numbers, but wants guaranteed dollars and unbelievably easy incentives.

That’s what the process is all about and at the present time, we are talking a few million dollars a year on the average separating the two parties.

Many will call the Browns cheap, etc on this, but in my opinion, we are talking about a player coming off multiple injuries, hasn’t performed at a high level for nearly two seasons, is fundamentally flawed, but has proven he can excel in the right situation/circumstance – which happens to be in a look Jackson seeks – a reliance on power, running the ball, etc.

5Cota: Due to the Browns already negative perception, why risk adding fuel to the fire if you are unwilling to make the deal at all cost knowing the fallout will only increase the negative perception of the ORG?

LaneAdkins: I don’t sense the ORG is concerned about that aspect and are only looking at the matter at hand – that is negotiating with the 49ers and working on a couple FA players.

There is a bit of a different feel and sentiment within the ORG than I have viewed in the past. The immediate perception of them and what they do isn’t nearly as troublesome to those within the ORG today.

If the ORG remains in this mode and provides the HC the room and ability to work building the roster in a manner which the HC likes, we will see improvement across the board.

It should be quite an interesting off-season and season in Cleveland, as it stands today, the ORG will engage media, but are not going to buckle to the perception and pressure from them – and fans complaining – they have a plan and at this time continue to work such…

ChiefWahooPaSP: Has there been any talk about the Browns signing Ryan Fitzpatrick as a bridge QB?

LaneAdkins: Not at this time.

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