Afternoon Practice Wrap-Up

Butch Davis has a secret, and he's going to keep it. The big riddle? Whether it's going to be Couch or Holcomb on Saturday night.<P> OK, so it's not a big surprise that Davis isn't talking about that. But you <I>can</I> find out which QB looked better, who exchanged some punches, who got a contract extension, and who ditched an "unlucky number". Here's Mike's report...

BEREA – Butch Davis knows who will start at quarterback for the Browns Saturday against Tennessee, but he's not telling.

Davis indicated that the plan has been in place for some time. He further said that neither of the quarterbacks knows which one will get the call.

Holcomb continues to look better in practice. He connected with Antoine Burns across the middle, splitting the coverage of Andra Davis and Earl Little. Later he completed a pass to Quincy Morgan along the sideline. Morgan made a one-handed grab while being covered well by Lewis Sanders.

The plan looks to be to give both more time than is normal for a first preseason game, which means the starter could go well into the second quarter. It also appears that the one that doesn't start will get the call the following week against Green Bay.

The Browns and strong safety Michael Jameson have agreed to a contract extension through the 2005 season. Jameson, a sixth-round draft choice in 2002, suffered a severe ankle injury in a preseason game in 2001 and missed the entire season. He spent the first five weeks of last season on the practice squad. He was moved to the active squad Oct. 9 and played in the final 11 games, including one start.

"It's been a real trend here over the last eight, nine or 10 months and a year ago with Kevin Johnson and Aaron Shea of trying to ensure the fact that we're going to give them opportunities to be Browns in the future," Davis said. "There are several other guys on this team we're working on, and hopefully we'll get several more of them done."

Jamel White is back to wearing the number 30. White decided to switch from 30 to 23 this year, but when he suffered a mild concussion and a slight hamstring pull in the early stages of training camp, he went back to 30.

"That number was bad luck," White said.

The switch means that defensive back Jermaine Jones will go from 30 to 23.

Kevin Bentley and tight end Darnell Sanders were involved in a fight for several seconds. Bentley, who removed his helmet during the fight, threw two roundhouse punches.

"I'm surprised we haven't had more of them," Davis said. "That's a part of it. I think the nature of the way we run practices (results in fights). There's a winner and there's a loser. No one likes to lose those drills and listen to someone yap at them for 24 hours."

Kevin Johnson sat out Wednesday's practice with a minor groin pull. Johnson isn't concerned about the injury and plans to play Saturday against Tennessee.

Courtney Brown could be ready for game action Aug. 15 against Green Bay. Brown is progressing well from microfracture knee surgery.

"He's getting very close," Davis said. "He seems to be handling the work load pretty well. We'll judge it through the rest of the week. We have guarded optimism, but a target date will be for him to play against Green Bay."

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