Greetham: RGIII a better option than Kaepernick was

Fred Greetham gives his reasons as to why Robert Griffin III was a better option for the Browns than trading for Colin Kaepernick

We wrote an opinion piece last week stating why we didn’t think trading for Colin Kaepernick was a good idea.

Although, I’m not overly excited about the signing of Robert Griffin III, I think it is a more palatable move than the move for Kaepernick.

Obviously, Griffin is coming in four years after Mike Holmgren and the Browns tried really hard to move up to draft him behind Andrew Luck in the 2012 NFL Draft. The Browns were criticized for not doing everything within their power to make the move, but the Redskins won (or lost) by trading the Rams three first-round draft choices and one second-round pick just to move up four spots to select him. Griffin went on to have a great rookie season, in fact he was rookie of the year, but then was injured and his stock has fallen drastically since. 

Griffin did not play at all for the Redskins in 2015 as the third quarterback behind Kirk Cousins and a guy named Colt McCoy (remember him?)

First, it doesn’t cost the Browns anything in compensation as he was a free agent. It only costs them dollars and they have plenty of those since they haven’t forayed into free agency much this year. 

You have to trust Hue Jackson that he can turn Griffin around as he did with Jason Campbell, Andy Dalton and a few others. From afar, it appears that Griffin, like many of the spread quarterbacks, is much better suited to using his legs as he did in his rookie season in Washington. 

Now, with a surgically repaired ACL, it’s doubtful that he is as quick as he once was, but at 26 years old, he’s worth a try.

It is hard to imagine that the Browns will keep Josh McCown around as a third quarterback. Jackson has spoken about McCown’s age (will be 37 this summer) on more than one occasion and even though I think he would be a better mentor for the developing rookie quarterback than Griffin, I doubt if they will pay McCown around $5 million to be the second or third quarterback. I assume McCown will be traded or outright released sometime in the near future, although it is possible the new regime will decide to trade or release Austin Davis instead of McCown. 

Hopefully, Griffin is humbled enough to be an example to a rookie and help in the process as we’ve seen more than one quarterback brought in that wanted to be the guy as opposed to a mentor for the future quarterback.

Griffin is trying to resurrect his NFL career and it didn’t appear he had a lot of options, thus was willing to take the Browns offer. 

I still like the idea of drafting Jared Goff or Carson Wentz at the top of the draft and not taking the end-of-the-first-round-or-lower route to take a quarterback, which we’ve seen far too often.  If they trade or release McCown and don’t draft a quarterback, the Browns are putting all of their trust in RGIII returning to being a viable NFL quarterback. If he cannot handle the starting job, the Browns will be forced to play the rookie right away or whoever is left between Davis, McCown or Connor Shaw. 

The year Butch Davis signed Jeff Garcia to be the Browns quarterback, he passed on Ben Roethlisberger and traded from the sixth pick to the fifth to draft Kellen Winslow. Roethlisberger has haunted the Browns for over a decade, not to mention he's lead their arch rivals from Pittsburgh  to the Super Bowl three times in that span of time.  

If RGIII truly bounces back under Jackson and the Browns draft a quarterback, it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they truly had two good quarterbacks. Browns fans know all too well that you can never have too many quarterbacks.

The Browns are hoping just to find one.

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