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Fast Lane: Browns looking hard at OL in draft

Lane Adkins gets some insight on who the Browns might be targeting in the upcoming draft to replace players lost on the offensive line

There’s no question the Browns have a need on the offensive line—and they are strongly thinking of using the draft to fill some of those holes.

With the loss of two key starters on the offensive line, the Browns are looking to find replacements for Mitchell Schwartz and Alex Mack according to Lane Adkins of The OBR.

The Browns signed Alvin Bailey from the Seahawks, but he has been just a part-time starter in Seattle. Austin Pasztor was re-signed as a restricted free agent. Cameron Erving returns from his rookie season and Michael Bowie is expected to compete after a year on injured reserve.

Adkins posted some of the information he received from sources close to the team in The Fast Lane early Friday morning. 

Here is a run down of the players the Browns have either spoken with, have conducted extensive evaluation on and/or deem as potential targets or players of interest with a comment on each:


 Ryan Kelly (Alabama)

"Intelligent player, uses preparation to his utmost advantage. Adequate size, good feet, laterally strong, must improve overall strength, quickness is evident to gain positioning and leverage. Type of player that you expect to play at a high level for 7-10 yrs -- no earlier than 2nd round."

Nick Martin (Notre Dame)

"Solid base, quick set type interior lineman. Good balance provides ample anchor, shows tendency to lean, losing leverage and at times has issue of consistency pulling and second level productivity. Much like Kelly, can be an effective interior lineman for years."

Graham Glasgow (Michigan)

"Most impressive center/guard at the Shrine and Senior Bowl. Physical, excellent bend, strong hands, displays good athleticism and awareness, sets well, sheds and stacks well. He (Glasgow) is the top center prospect and could become equally as impressive at G."


Joshua Garnett (Stanford)

"Has played a lot, he's big, physical and locks down well. Can be late in getting to second level, his quickness is average, which slows in laterals. Projects to be adequate run-blocker early, weight-room and coaching projects to improve pass-blocking set (hands) and overall upper-body strength. 

Graham Glasgow (Michigan)

"Most impressive center/guard at the Shrine and Senior Bowl. Physical, excellent bend, strong hands, displays good athleticism and awareness, sets well, sheds and stacks well. He (Glasgow) is the top center prospect and could become equally as impressive at G."

Isaac Seumalo (Oregon State)

"Seumalo is core-strong, physical, compact, uses his hands exceptionally well and displays lateral athleticism to recover, while showing ample ability to complete second level assignment. Injuries have been issue, based on talent potential, Seumalo could be a high level player for a decade.

Landon Turner (North Carolina)

"Doesn't play to his size at times -- inconsistent, has natural physical ability to maul, requires physical tooling and fundamental development. Despite playing a great deal at NC, is raw in aspects


Laremy Tunsil (Ole Miss)

"Simply does everything you want to see from a LT prospect. Light on his feet, quick, strong, sets, can get in-front, anchors, smart -- very aware, very fluid, effortless, excellent bend. Has frame to add bulk without jeopardizing his excellent physical skill-set. Slide him in at LT and you're set for a decade."

Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame)

"Long, strong, relentless, physical, agile, flexible, often slides to make multiple blocks, gets to second level with ease. An outstanding talent and right there with Tunsil, both are as solid as it gets when it comes to prospects in this uncertain climate.

 Taylor Decker (Ohio State)

"A RT from day-one.  Strong, physical, naturally athletic, solid bend and rotation, can get a little lazy with his punch, demonstrates good recovery, lateral agility. Often uses brute strength to over-power opposition, looks to annihilate opposition, gets to second level consistently -- must improve his immediate awareness, tends to lapse/lose focus, won't have same overwhelming physicals advantage at next level."

Jason Spriggs (Indiana)

"Great feet, laterals, excellent bend/flexibility/recovery, base set solid - -will require weight-training to improve leg drive and upper body standard. Quick hands, shifty, keeps feet moving, excellent balance. Athleticism can aid at RT until physicals catch-up."

Joe Haeg (North Dakota State)

"Good size, good feet, lateral, rangy, displays quickness - -adequate torso strength - needs to improve lower body. Biggest issue with him his slow/inconsistent punch. Technique and strength work separates him from being a legitimate RT type prospect immediately, but a player worth strongly considering."

Germain Ifedi (Texas A & M)

"Looks the part, is physical, strong hands, knows how to use his upper body to win battles -- gets in trouble with sloppy footwork, often off balance, lunges and displays average bend, but still shows range and agility. Requires work/dedication to improve, but displays the raw characteristics to be a productive RT type, but ultimately could slide inside."

 Cole Toner (Harvard)

"Despite size, requires overall strength regiment -- leg drive average at best, displays initial burst, sets above average, athletic with solid laterals. A guy you may want to keep in the back of your mind as you get deep in the process."

 Willie Beavers (Western Michigan)

"Good size, quickness and athleticism. Displays the ability to get in-front, sets adequately, can be moved off spot, balance issues with quick rushers, could potentially land inside. A late round look."

Kyle Murphy (Stanford)


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