Ask the Insiders and ask our Insiders about what they've seen. Also, remember to swing by the chat room tonight at 9PM for another Browns Uncensored chat!"> Ask the Insiders and ask our Insiders about what they've seen. Also, remember to swing by the chat room tonight at 9PM for another Browns Uncensored chat!">

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Courtney Brown, shown here talking with Browns owner Randy "REAL Big Money" Lerner, is just one of the players discussed recently in the Ask the Insiders forum. If you can't make it up to Berea, drop by <A HREF="">Ask the Insiders</A> and ask our Insiders about what they've seen. Also, remember to swing by the <A HREF="" target="_blank">chat room</A> tonight at 9PM for another Browns Uncensored chat!

Hamster; Dave, you have openly mentioned how you think Tim has more upside over Kelly. I believe you said Tim has more athleticism. My question is what do you mean when you say Tim is more athletic and in what area? In his play or his phyisical makeup if so specifically what part? Not trying to put anyone on the spot just trying to understand why and how the term "athleticism" is being used to describe Tim?

Dave: No problem hamster. One of the things I like about Tim is that he is incredibly athletic.

Just yesterday, the quarterbacks were taking turns trying to hit one of the uprights on a goal post from about 20 yards. When Tim hit the upright, he ran over, grabbed the ball, then dunked it over the goal post. We all forget that Tim was a heck of a college basketball player, who could have played on the UK hoops team.

That athleticism translates to the football field in several areas. We saw it more as a rookie when he looked to scramble more often than he does now. You still see it in several areas. In fact I just re-watched the game in New York last year. It took a different kind of athletic ability to find a way to get off the 2-point conversion pass caught by Northcutt. It took athleticism to spin out of a few sacks in that game.

Couch is more mobile. He is a bit more fluid in his ability to throw on the move. Holcomb admits he doesn't have the same kind of natural athletic ability Couch has, and he has had to work to improve that during the past off-season. The things that some people have to work to find, Tim simply has naturally.

weweber3: I would be interested to see what a players contract looks like... The wording, restrictions, rules, etc etc etc. Are copies of these available or "available"?

artbtz: Unfortunately for us, and fortunately for the player's privacy, contracts aren't available to the public. The closest thing we have to full disclosure are the yearly salaries which are made available to the public and media through That, plus anything else reporters can find out by pestering the team or player's agents.

This is one of the reasons it's so tough for mere mortals to do salary cap calculations. There are a number of incentives and details of financial arrangements which aren't available to anyone outside the teams and NFL. Without these, any salary cap numbers you see are just informed speculation.

The exception to this is probably ESPN's John Clayton, who seems to be getting some information from inside league offices on salary cap status.

Lumpy: OK, lets look at this situation. Everything we have heard has been nothing but positive and just short of spectacular coming out of the camp reports regarding McKinley. Roye is coming off a very good year and has already been honored with the yellow shirt as a team leader. Warren is coming off a lousy year and has gone public in his commitment to football instead of playing party-hearty Gerard. (We'll see how that pans out.) He hasn't done much in camp due to some bumps and bruises and is not turning up the heat yet. (maybe he is saving it for the real games).

Is there a chance that with McKinley's play there would be NO way for the staff to keep him off the field come crunch time? Dave Carducci says he is beating all our blockers and now is destroying some pretty good guards from Buffalo. At the very least we can expect to see a rotation of the 3 DT's a bit more or perhaps he outright wins a starting position?

Mike: I don't think McKinley will move ahead of Warren and Roye in the rotation. After missing time early, Warren has looked good of late. There's no way you take him off the field at crunch time.

Roye is having a great camp. Butch Davis made a highlight film of Roye's play in the scrimmage to show to other players. He has to be on the field in crunch time.

As good as McKinley has looked, I'm not completely sold on him as a frontline player. I think he fits in perfectly in a relief role.

goboon40: Hey Guys, What is up with 'Dre? Is his injury going to become a major problem or will more rest take care of it? His down time is starting to concern me. Got to see my boy out there! He is truly a multi-dimensional player and a threat at a number of positions.....

Mike: I tried talking to Davis this morning but he was in a hurry to get to rehab. He seems to be walking okay on the leg. From what we know, all he needs is some rest to allow the swelling to lessen. I agree that it is worrisome to see a big-play guy like Davis on the sideline. He was looking good in the early stages of camp.

ramllov: It appears that we are looking at the starters and the backups of the right and left guard. It is only a first blush. Z.... is the backup RG and Fowler is the backup LG. I guess this was almost an automatic. Q. Mitchell is the RG in the future. Mike has a nice article on the days practice. I appreciate this coverage.

dcbrowns: If ram doesn't mind I would like to add the following. Who gets the nod as a back up center, Fowler or O'Hara? If Fowler, could him splitting time during camp at center and guard be a problem in his development, similar to what we saw from last years training camp?

Dave: Right now it looks like Fowler will get a shot at left guard. Stokes has been working at right tackle on the second team for the last two days.

Mitchell is a bit further away than I had hoped, but he still has some very encouraging flashes from time to time. He is just still very raw. Zierlein is giving him plenty of special attention, and it appears to be helping. Right now I would consider him the back up at right guard, with Stokes the backup tackle and left guard.

O'Hara and Fowler have both taken occasional snaps with the second team.

SRQDawg: Any word on the extent of (Joaquin Gonzalez's)  injury?

Dave: Gonzalez was back on the field today, so it couldn't have been as bad as it looked.

Skippy54345: If Chaun Thompson steps up like the coaching staff thinks he will, who will be the odd man out in the linebacking corps? From what I'm reading, Bentley, Davis and Taylor ALL seem to be playing well.

Dave: For this year, I doubt there would be an odd-man out. All are playing well, and I think they will try to use Chaun as a situational guy as he gets his feet wet in the NFL. Just a hunch.

APVIC: (ESPN's Len Pasquarelli says Courtney Brown showed ) favoritism to his injured leg ??? How can C.B. be going full speed in 11 on 11 drills if he's favoring the leg ??? Is this fact ????

Dave: Actually, he may favor his leg occasionally, but he still is taking part in full-speed drills. Meaning he is getting more and more contact. I watched Courtney again today, and he is doing more than he had even yesterday. He looked to be fairly quick, and he did not appear to be favoring his leg in any way.

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