Hue Jackson feels he can handle the heavy load he's taken as head coach of the Browns

Hue Jackson has a lot on his plate in his first year as head coach of the Browns and, thus far, he feels that he's handling the job well.

BEREA, OHIO— As an NFL head coach, the schedule of Hue Jackson is already as busy as they come. 

Being the head coach of the rebuilding Cleveland Browns, however, makes Jackson’s schedule that much more hectic. 

Most NFL coaches undertake their respective jobs knowing that they’ll spend exorbitant amounts of time around the facility in an effort to better their organization. 

Jackson took the job in Cleveland knowing that he’d be one of the architects of the complete-and-total rebuild, meaning that he’ll be partially responsible for everything that has happened and everything that will happen in Berea. 

He’ll have a say in which free agents come to Cleveland, in which players the team drafts, in which offensive and defensive schemes the team runs. 

All of those things are relatively standard. 

Jackson, however, has decided that he too wants to call plays for the Browns, wants to play a role in revitalizing the career of Robert Griffin III and wants to help develop a rookie quarterback that will inevitably come to Cleveland at some point. 

While the decision of Jackson to take on more work came about because of his incessant desire to change the culture in Cleveland, the question had to be asked. 

Can he handle all of the aforementioned tasks?

“I have been here before,” Jackson said. “Maybe not to that degree, but I have seen this a little bit before in my career.” 

As he said, Jackson hasn’t ever had this much on his plate, though this isn’t his first head coaching gig. 

That’s why he’s going to rely on the staff that he helped put together as he attempts to clear that plate effectively. 

“I am truly blessed to have the men that I have on my staff so I am not doing this alone,” Jackson said. “I have some very capable guys in Pep Hamilton, Al Saunders, Greg Seamon and Kirby Wilson who are there to pick up any piece that I may drop. Trust me when I tell you that.”

As Jackson leans on his current his staff for support in this exorbitant endeavor, he’ll receive help from experiences past as well. 

“You learn a little bit everywhere you go, and you take the good and you try to learn from the things that you can do a little bit better,” Jackson said. “What I try to do is take the things that were really good from the people that I’ve been around and tried to instill them in the people who were around me.”

Though he’ll use characteristics from coaches such as Marty Schottenheimer, Marvin Lewis and John Harbaugh to be the best coach possible, Jackson will use only so much from each. 

At the end of the day, he wants the Browns to be uniquely his, for better or for worse.  

“I am not trying to be any of those guys,” Jackson said. “I am me, and our football team will be the Cleveland Browns and nobody else’s football team. 

Jackson did ensure that while the team will be built using his beliefs, his experiences and his expertise, the unit will not be about him. 

He’ll be responsible, but he won’t take all of the credit if he’s able to turn around the Browns.

“This is not the Hue Jackson show,” Jackson said. “This is the Cleveland Browns show.”

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