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Latest Cleveland Browns Insider Info (Sunday Edition)

Our insiders answer your questions from the OBR forums.

Here are some of the most recent questions and answers from the Ask the Insiders forum at the OBR.

Morella4: I read these questions every day it seems like, and yes, I totally get it from a fans perspective. We all would love to see JG reinstated, stay clean, and tear the league up (I assume wreck this league is copyrighted). And it's also extremely frustrating that the league has taken a long time reviewing this case. My point is: I get you have inside info on certain Browns news, but why do we feel like you (and for that matter the league) knows the outcome and is just sitting on it?? I assume the moment you hear the news you'd share it. However, with how fast info travels, the Browns will probably know his fate at most a few seconds until the rest of the world finds out.

Sorry for the mini rant, I love the passion this fan base has but I feel for you in the repeated requests you receive for information that if you had, you'd damn well better drop the LA pseudo name and change it to J. Edgar Hoover.

So who are we picking at #2?

LaneAdkins: I know what I think and some comments made to me to lead me to those thoughts, but I have not heard anything of substance from the standpoint which nearly ensures he the outcome.

There is a reason why the Gordon reinstatement situation continues to hang in the balance and many want to believe since Gordon allegedly hasn't failed a test or done anything which violates the league policy, that he should simply be reinstated.

In the NFL world it isn't as simple as that. He suspension was indefinite, not a one-year ban, they can play this the way they have to this point.


MikeFromRochester: We haven't been in the position to draft the premier guy at QB in almost 2 decades.  are these guys going to pass on Goff?  I have convinced myself they are going to trade down, pick up non stars or take Wentz who is more of a projection. Lane, tell me, give me a percentage the Browns draft Goff, and don't say it is too early in process, give me percentage that you believe in.  thanks for what you do.

Lane Adkins: If you're scared they are going to pass on Goff -- you should be.

Honestly, with the little tidbits we're told, I would be surprised if Goff is the selection.


ProBono324: I saw that someone posted that Gordon and Johnny were living together prior to this Skip story. Have you heard anything new about them living together Lane? Great job by whomever posted it before this story came out today!

LaneAdkins: Actually had someone here tell me he believed they were living together. At that time, Manziel had just gotten to Cal and was hanging with Gordon --- which developed into Manziel staying there for an extended period of time.


T98egaJu: Hey all. I hate to say it but the Oakland Raiders have been the best drafting team the last 2 drafts. Their drafting was so good that they went from where were at now to probably fighting for the top spot in their division. The main thing was they drafted the best QB with their first pick 2 years ago because they viewed Carr as the best and didn't even think twice about it. No second guessing or drafting like the smartest guy in the room and will teach everyone else a lesson.

The Browns MUST draft a Q.B. in this draft and if their best Q.B. they want is on the board. After that pick they can trade and pick whoever they see fit but that first pick MUST be their future QB. After the Raiders got their QB, they loaded up on defense first but added in a few toys for their QB. We can get back to respectability quickly by drafting in the same method.

Do you agree that they must draft their future Q.B. if there and not trade for more picks later then settle for a 6th round talented QB?

FredGreetham: I often think if the Browns would've taken the players they should've, they'd basically have Mack and Carr from two years ago and be well on their way to being respectable.

LaneAdkins: And to think a good number within that structure were proponents for exactly those two players.


Pkf704: After watching so much tape and scouting games scouts obviously notice younger players set to come out in future drafts. Do different strengths of different classes affect drafting? Example: taking a DT over a wr or rb early because you want the BPA. Also knowing your guy at rb or wr will probably be there next year in a deeper class? Not sure how future classes affect a draft when a team is in rebuild mode.

FredGreetham: Was told by more than a few that they don't look too far down the road because if they make bad picks they won't be around sometimes in two years to make the pick. They take the best players they have ranked as a consensus.

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