Latest Cleveland Browns Insider Info (Friday Edition)

Our insiders answer your questions from the OBR forums.

Here are some of the most recent questions and answers from the Ask the Insiders forum at the OBR.

t98egaJU asks: Why cut Gordon now? Why not just sit until his August 1st appeal and if he passes, then keep him?

Lane Adkins: I don't believe the league thing you note -- saying the NFL doesn't want him in Cleveland. Gordon himself has put himself in this situation, nothing else. There is nothing lost in retaining his rights, nothing.

braley111 asks: Lane, would it be plausible to see them taking Paxton Lynch at 8 if they drop with the Eagles?

Lane Adkins: It's high for where I believe they could get him, but we get what you're saying.

Cujo asks: Do you think that Dak Prescott might be a dark horse candidate for a second round pick? Maybe after a trade down in round one. Do you get the feeling around the league that Prescott is rated higher than a third round pick?

Lane Adkins: From what I've heard, that 3 area sounds about right.

mikeyhey52 asks: No faith in any of the new front office people to get this draft right, don't have faith in RG3.

Lane Adkins: How can you have little faith if you don't know what/why they are thinking?

Again, people continue with this RG3 stuff -- he sin't here to be a savior, he is here to compete, see if he can achieve again at a high level, low risk, high reward situation.

Browns49 asks: Would the Browns draft the QB with the highest potential and, if so, who would that be?

Lane Adkins: I could see Lynch landing anywhere from 20ish --- There is plenty of love for Carson Wentz in that building and he isn't nearly as far off and raw as many would like to note --- Jared Goff throws the ball well, his pocket awareness is good, but I can't get past his offensive system yet, but he shows the characteristics of high potential.

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