4 Rd. NFL Mock Draft: Browns Risky Edition

There are a lot of versions of NFL Mock Drafts. Some are based on what the writer would do. Others are based on what people are hearing. This one is based on a NFL Mock Draft that would be risky for the Cleveland Browns.

Risk can come in all fashions. The Cleveland Browns Organization has had their history of risky players for a variety of reasons. Johnny Manziel based on everything. Brandon Weeden because of his age. Justin Gilbert with his, reported, immaturity. Trent Richardson after Alabama ran him hard.

There are injury risks, character risks and even workout warrior risks. 

What would a risky Cleveland Browns 4 Round NFL Mock Draft look like?

#2 Trade Down

With one of the 2 top QBs on the board, the Browns trading down and betting on either Robert Griffin III, a lower tier QB or drafting a QB next year, is a risk. Jared Goff is my personal favorite while others have Carson Wentz with comparisons to Andrew Luck type players.

Trading away the chance to take one of those guys is risky but possible at this point.

For the sake of this piece, the Browns trade with the Niners and receive the 7th overall pick as well as the Niners 2nd and 3rd round picks. The details beyond that is far less important.

#7 Ezekiel Elliott

While many really want Zeke if the Browns trade down, picking a running back this high is a risky decision. Zeke can do it all: run, block and catch. He is an all around back. In today's NFL, running backs have been devalued with Todd Gurley picked at #10 breaking a trend.

Not only would the Browns be passing on an elite talent at a more valuable position but 2 or 3 of Zeke's years will likely be wasted. The Browns are unlikely to be good during that timeframe, when backs are at their best generally. Risky for a rebuilding team to spend that high of a pick on a position that tends to go downhill after 6 or 7 seasons.

#32 Myles Jack

Before you start your tweet or comment that "Jack is a Top 10 pick" Dane Brugler has been reporting that Jack's knee is concerning for many teams and could be off some teams' boards. Privately, I was told that a Randy Gregory type fall. Last year, Gregory fell from a "Top 10 pick" to the 2nd Round due to his marijuana-related issues.

Jack is reportedly not running the 40 for the Jacksonville Jaguars and his re-check in Indianapolis showed limited improvement from the Combine.

Jack is a great player with dynamic speed and skill. He could be a safety, inside linebacker and even slot corner (he also was a great RB in college). Jack would be used all over the place in Cleveland but his knee makes him a very risky pick. If he can stay healthy, Jack would be a huge addition for the Browns back 7.

Knee issues make that a pretty big if.

#37 Will Fuller

Fuller is the one wide receiver that is expected to go high in the draft that I can't figure out why. He can run very fast but has hands of steel and tends to catch the ball with his body. With Robert Griffin III big arm, a deep threat like Fuller is tempting.

He reminds many of Ted Ginn Jr. with his speed and hands. Drafting a WR based on a specific skill is risky but Fuller's speed is tempting. With Josh Gordon unlikely to ever return, drafting a WR such as Fuller to lead the WR corps is a risky decision that they could end up making.

#65 Cardale Jones

It is very possible that the Browns draft Jones at #32 by the time the Draft kicks off. Either way, Jones is a risky pick. Big, tall and with a huge arm, Jones is an unfinished product. His accuracy is a concern for many and might be a career-long issue.

We've noted that Hue Jackson really likes Jones and believes he can help develop him into a top flight QB down the road. With the injury prone RG3 and the likely fan pressure to play the former Buckeye, drafting Jones at the top of the 3rd, and maybe anytime, is a risky decision that could pay off or could flop.

#68 Jaylon Smith

Smith was a Top 5 pick before his injury against the Buckeyes. Like Jack, his medical recheck in Indy didn't come back great. He could drop much further than this but the combination of his talent and leadership makes him a possible risk/reward pick for the Browns. He will sit all year but if he comes back healthy, the combination of Jack and Smith would give the Browns two great linebackers for years to come.

On the other hand, many are worried about nerve damage in his knee which could cause issues long-term. Nerve issues are part of the reason Ifo Ekpre-Olomu wasn't drafted till the 7th Round and then cut by the Browns. Smith's may not be as bad and he was always far more talented than Ifo. An outside linebacker that can rush the passer and play in coverage very well, while still be good enough against the run, is why he was going to be a Top 5 pick.

Ifo is a recent cautionary tale and Smith might be off the Browns board. His knee makes him a very risky pick, even with this last pick from the Niners trade.

#99 Roberto Aguayo

Anyone following me on Twitter, or who saw my first Mock Draft on here, knows that I think drafting the best kicker in the draft is a good idea and something the Browns may do. Having said that, kicker's tend to struggle with their confidence and can get the yips. Aguayo is likely to be drafted between the 4th and 5th rounds, so this is not a big reach. 

However, the Browns have a lot of needs, so drafting a kicker at the top of the 4th is likely a luxury that many will believe the Browns shouldn't take. That will add to the pressure on Aguayo as he tries to kick in the weather in Cleveland.

#138 Shawn Oakman

The physical specimen that is Shawn Oakman is closer to Undrafted Free Agent territory than a high draft pick at this point. His sculpted upper body sits atop scrawny legs and lacks production on the field. He struggles to bend, partially due to lack of leg strength, which allows him to get pushed out of plays easily.

His recent sexually based charges are a final dagger to Oakman's draft stock that was once thought to be 1st Round. His name value intrigues fans. His size could intrigue the Browns as a defensive lineman that could develop over time.

Even at the end of the 4th Round, drafting Oakman is a very risky pick for the Browns.

Honorable Mention: Tyler Higbee has an assault charge that is likely to drop him very far, or out of the Draft. The Western Kentucky tight end was expected to be drafted on the second day but NFL teams are valuing off the field more and more every year.


What do you think of this risky 4 Round NFL Mock Draft for the Browns? Who is the risky pick for you?


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