Quarterback or Trade Down for the Browns: Sunday Insider Info

After the monster trade between the Titans and Rams for the top pick in the draft, everyone has questions about what the Browns will do at #2. Lane Adkins tackles your questions from the Ask the Insiders forum.

Branc: Trade down for Lynch. Based on your earlier post do you think this is the Browns desired outcome?

Lane Adkins: Nothing specifically tells me this is an outcome, just a possibility.


Becerra7: To me if they take a QB at 32 or wherever, it's because they didn't take one at 2 and they still need one.

But what makes that guy any more of "the guy" than Quinn, Weeden or even Manziel? The 32 pick at QB is just another lottery ticket. You're not taking a lottery ticket at #2. You're investing.

I just don't see how they aren't putting their eggs in the RG3 basket of they don't select one at 2. I believe it's time to invest. I'm tired of taking all these damn lottery tickets, and hoping you hit.

Lane Adkins: Maybe the 3rd QB (Lynch) in many draft pundit eyes is the guy they like, if say Goff is selected at #1.

I still believe all the options are open, they have worked numerous scenarios out and have discussed trading the pick.

They haven't made their decision.


GeeFan: What if I told you the Browns see RG3 as a better option, Is that what they think?

Lane Adkins: The more time they spend with him, the more excited they get -- he is healthy, humble and very receptive to the words of wisdom being thrown his way.


Animaleyz: Do you any scenario in which say Wentz goes #1(which I believe will happen), that the Browns are able to trade down slightly, picking up a 2nd and a 1st next year, and still land Goff? That would be the best of both worlds.

Lane Adkins: I would be absolutely shocked -- just can't see it happening due to teams having that QB interest -- but you are correct, couldn't work out any better for them.


MikeFromRochester: Lane, It is complete BS the Rams don't know who they want and they are still evaluating the QBs.  They moved up for one guy.  So, why would they not tell that player (QB) to stop throwing for teams now?  It is not impossible an injury could occur.  After all, these vagabonds go from city to city for visits, then host teams for private workouts etc...Would one QB suddenly stop throwing for teams be a tell-tale sign he is the one for the Rams?  Or is the private workout season over anyways, it seems Goff is throwing for the Cowboys Saturday.

Lane Adkins: I believe they have them rated and have a great sense as to what they want to do.

We generally see teams communicate to players/reps on this manner for a talent they hope to secure, keep under wraps as much as possible so they don't show......see this plenty in the NBA.

If a player suddenly decides to stop doing the private work and communication basically ends -- the writing would be on the wall. The interesting tale here is Goff and Wentz are repped by the same group.


Tardarian: I know it's purely speculation, but at #2 Cleveland has a ton of options. Tunsil, Ramsey, QB2, or trade pick to someone interested in Tunsil or Ramsey.... The question I have is, what do the analytics say about BPA vs position of need vs trade down?

Lane Adkins: As told to me --

Trade down services the overall talent improvement aspect, but devalues the theory of landing a very good QB prospect the deeper they go in the draft.

I have gained no input on an analytic look at BPA.


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