Weight is carrying a lot of weight for the Browns heading into the 2016 season

Whether it's added, subtracted or redistributed, weight is playing a role in Cleveland's offseason.

BEREA, OHIO—Barkevious Mingo wanted to add more of it, Danny Shelton wanted to have less of it and Cam Erving wanted it redistributed.

The “it” in Berea? 


Prior to Cleveland's first voluntary mini-camp of the 2016 offseason, each of the three aforementioned players discussed the role that weight has played in their offseason plans. 

For Mingo, the scale talk isn't anything new. 

Always labeled as skinny, Mingo has made an effort to put on weight before, but those efforts paled in comparison to his effort this offseason.

“This whole offseason, my main focus was getting bigger, bigger, faster, stronger, and just coming into the building, coming into the workouts bigger, faster, stronger,” Mingo said. ““I put on a lot of weight, and I’m comfortable where I am.”

Though reports have indicated that Mingo weighs around 265 pounds— a 25-pound increase from his 240-pound playing weight of a season ago— he wouldn’t pinpoint the specific number that he’s seen on the scale. 

He feels that the number is not important and has nothing to do with his on-field production. 

“It was just something that I wanted to do,” Mingo said. “I felt like I could’ve done whatever at whatever weight. 

“New year. New coaching staff. New strategy.”

While Mingo wanted to add weight, Shelton wanted to subtract it. 

After admitting that he ballooned a bit during his rookie year, Shelton has made a conscious effort to cut weight this offseason, which he hopes will help him to see the field more in his second season. 

“That was my priority when the season ended, to drop some weight,” Shelton said. “I have been working with the weight training staff now, I've seen more of the weight come down.”

Though the number on the scale has dwindled during the offseason, Shelton admitted that the weight loss is still a work in progress, as the 6’2, 339-pound lineman isn’t as close to 300 as he’d like.

“Man, I want to say I lost 40 pounds, but I think it really is 15 pounds,” Shelton said. “Honestly, it'd a work in progress. I’ve been dropping fat and getting some muscles so obviously the training is helping a lot.”

Erving, at 6’6, 313 pounds, had no desire to drop nor to add weight this offseason. 

Rather, he wanted to transform the type of weight he carried, which he seemingly succeeded in doing.

“I put on more muscle,” Erving said. "I feel like I'm really strong now."

The addition of muscle has manifested itself in slightly more weight, but Erving believes he’s actually slimmer than he was a season ago.

“I’m probably about 320 right now,” Erving said. “Probably lost like eight percent body fat.”

The new diets and training regiments transformed the bodies of the aforementioned trio, but there’s still plenty of time before Training Camp starts.

Each expects to continue upon this path in an effort to be in even better shape and, therefore, to be more productive as the 2016 season starts. 

“I'm just continuing to be there, continuing to work, continue to be consistent with my weight,” Shelton said. “Hopefully, I'll be ready for the season.”

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