Sashi Brown explains why the Browns traded down

Browns Executive Vice President Sashi Brown explained why the Browns decided to trade down with the Eagles and bypass the chance of draft Jared Goff or Carson Wentz with the second overall pick in next week's NFL Draft

BEREA—Sashi Brown laid out his reasons for the Browns to make the blockbuster trade down and bypassing the chance to draft either quarterback Jared Goff or Carson Wentz at the top of the draft.

“Talking about the pros and cons of each and talking thoroughly about each player and what they bring to the table and what strengths and limitations are and what they bring how they would fit in our system,” Brown said Thursday morning. “And with our personnel and strategy with Paul (DePodesta) and the coaches, as well, then be able to present that to Jimmy (Haslam). 

“That’s how we make every decision,” he said. “We have robust discussions and it doesn’t mean we’re going to make them all right, by any stretch of the imagination, but certainly feel we’ve had the right discussions. Even if we’re at a consensus, we’re going to slow ourselves down and ask what could go wrong here? What are we missing? Jimmy has done a good job of challenging us with each decision to talk through. We feel no different about this decision. We’ve had weeks of discussion about it.”

Brown said the chance to stockpile draft picks was just too much to pass up.

“We are excited about owning 12 picks heading into this year’s draft and acquiring the high future picks in 2017 and 2018,” Brown said. “These picks will play a major role in building our team for long-term sustained success. We want to assemble a young nucleus of talented players and this trade positions us really well. There is a good depth of talent in the first round and we felt we could make a larger impact to our roster by adding more draft picks and that’s why we made the decision to trade down.”  

Brown admitted there is a risk that Goff or Wentz could go on to have great careers in the NFL and the Browns will regret passing the chance to draft them.

“That’s not necessarily what the driver of the decision was,” Brown said. “The consensus is Wentz and Goff  will go one, two, but there are other talented quarterbacks in the draft, as well. as always there’s always a risk in drafting a quarterback and we understand the risk that we might’ve passed on a quarterback that might go on to have a great career in this league, but felt with the additional picks that we were able to acquire we’re in a much better position to build our roster.”

Most experts think the Rams will select Goff, leaving Wentz now for the Eagles. Brown was asked if after the trade of the Rams to No. 1 if the presumed player left is not who they wanted.

It is assumed that Hue Jackson and senior offensive assistant Pep Hamilton didn’t feel the quarterback available to them was the sure pick. 

“We absolutely work hand in hand with Pep and Hue and Paul and myself and others in the building,” Brown said. “We had some discussions with Jimmy and others.We put all the information on the table and had some healthy discussions, not easy decisions obviously to make at number two, with some talented quarterbacks their to take at that spot, but we felt this was the better path and there was consensus at the decision.”

Brown pointed out that it wasn’t a sure thing to find a franchise quarterback with the second pick.

“Even if you take the quarterback at two, it’s not like you’ve solved the problem. We know that quarterbacks come from different places in the draft. There’s no guarantee that even if you take a guy one or two that (he will be the answer).”

With the passing of the chance to take the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft, it is looking more and more certain the Browns are planning on Robert Griffin III on being their quarterback, although Brown won’t admit it. Although Jackson said the Browns would draft a quarterback, Brown backed off the comment and said they haven’t decided as of yet.


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