Hue Jackson 'ecstatic' with trade

Hue Jackson said he's very happy with the trade the Browns made and supports it "1,000 percent"

BEREA--Hue Jackson said he's very happy and on board with the decision to trade down from the second overall pick and supports the move "1,000 percent".

"I was excited and ecstatic in what Sashi (Brown) and his group has done for done for our football  team," Jackson said. "Obviously, we thought that is what is best for our organization.  I am really excited in watching on how the draft unfolds for us next week as we have the opportunity to add talented football players to our team. I think what Sashi and the group did was give us an opportunity to do that and that is very important."

Because of his background and success with evaluating and developing quarterbacks, it is assumed that Jackson said the Browns would be better to pass on taking either Jared Goff or Carson Wentz and acquiring multiple extra draft picks. 

"It's everybody's opinion," Jackson said. "That's why I said I love what we do. It's just not one person. Obviously, I've coached the position and I think Sashi takes that into consideration, but Sashi is very good doing what he does. We all have input  and we do as a group what we think is best."

Jackson was asked if the presence of Robert Griffin III, means the Browns are confident that he can be the franchise quarterback for the Browns. 

"As I've said before, we have four quarterbacks and Robert is one of them," Jackson said. "He's very talented and he's working very hard every day, but so is Josh (McCown), so is Austin (Davis) and so is Connor (Shaw). I  feel very comfortable where we are at our quarterback position and we'll see how the draft unfolds."

Most observers expected the Browns to trade or release McCown if they drafted a quarterback at the top of the draft. McCown was asked if he thinks there is a better chance that he will remain with the Browns since they are not looking to take a quarterback at the top of the draft.

"I am just going to approach each day as it comes and immerse myself in that," McCown said. "That is my mindset."

Jackson acknowledged that the Browns have to find the long-term answer at quarterback and said he is confident the Browns will do so.

"We will get this right, I promise you," Jackson said as he closed his press conference.

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