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Kevin Hogan: Scouting Profile

As we get closer to the NFL Draft, we continue with our Scouting Profiles. Brendan finishes up his QBs with Kevin Hogan.

Stanford redshirt senior quarterback Kevin Hogan is one of the most experienced players in the 2016 NFL Draft class after playing in 51 collegiate games.  At 6’3, 218 lbs. with 10 ¼” hands, he possesses prototypical size for the position.  He will be a 24-year old rookie.

The first thing that stands out when studying Kevin Hogan is his unorthodox throwing motion.  Although it has been shortened throughout his career, he sports an elongated delivery.  Inconsistent throwing mechanics lead to up and down ball placement to all levels of the field.  Throws tend to sail when he tries to put more on them and he does not consistently put the ball in the optimal place to create yards after the catch.  When his mechanics are tight and he is playing in rhythm, his throwing velocity is good enough to make every throw.

Hogan is a good athlete for the position who can move the chains and create big gains when given room to run.  He is comfortable throwing while on the move to either side.  While scrambling, Hogan typically does a good job of keeping his eyes downfield and looking to throw.

Hogan displays flashes of very impressive pocket presence, but must do so with more consistency.  When dealing with pressure, he has a habit of dropping his eyes and trying to beat the rush with his athletic ability rather than keeping his eyes up in an effort to move the ball through the air.  Hogan is difficult to bring down in the pocket due to his strength and quickness.  

When the ball does not come out at the top of his drop, he shows a tendency to get flat footed in the pocket rather than staying in a ready to throw position. This leads to difficulties with resetting and throwing with accuracy.  Decision-making breaks down under pressure too often.  When the game speeds up, Hogan struggles to keep his poise and put the football in the right place.

Hogan has experience playing under center and turning his back to the defense in the play action game.  He is an aggressive passer who shows the ability to anticipate and throw into tight windows down the field.  He is comfortable looking off defenders and demonstrating effective eye discipline as well as reading through full field progressions.  He has no problem with using his eyes to manipulate underneath defenders and widen throwing windows.  He consistently recognizes and utilizes his check down option.

Game management is a strength for Hogan.  He values ball protection and only takes calculated risks with the ball when the situation dictates it.  Late in games, on third downs, and in the red zone, Hogan typically makes the correct decision.

Overall, Kevin Hogan is an experienced game manager with enough physical ability to get the job done.  He possesses good athletic ability and a high football IQ.  The areas Hogan must work on most are speeding up his footwork in the pocket, becoming more consistent in his throwing mechanics and ball placement, and becoming more comfortable under pressure.  Hogan has all the tools to become an ideal backup quarterback and spot starter.  With good coaching and hard work, he should enjoy a long NFL career.

The Cleveland Browns should absolutely consider Kevin Hogan on day three of the 2016 NFL Draft.  As we have seen in Cleveland over the years, solid play from backup quarterbacks can be difficult to find and extremely valuable.  According to this article, Hogan was Browns Associate Head Coach- Offense Pep Hamilton’s first recruit during his time serving as offensive coordinator at Stanford.

What do you think of Kevin Hogan?

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