Ask the Cleveland Browns Insiders: Will They Trade Down from 8? Up from 32?

With the NFL Draft just a day away, we once again dip into the Ask the Insiders mailbag and give you the latest information we have.

MirORich: Are the Browns of the mindset that to move further down from 8, they will require more compensation than the Jimmy Johnson trade value chart suggests?

LaneAdkins: The expectation exceeds the draft chart.


James 1234: PLEASE NO OL in the first round we need skill players and people that can score touchdowns! They aren’t going to take an OL in the first 2 round are we? We can get one of those in the later rounds the Steelers always do.

LaneAdkins: You also need players to stop touchdowns and the Browns aren't the Steelers.


Dapperdon44067: Has framework already been created (for a trade down) in case our guy is gone?

LaneAdkins: Have had numerous discussions, no less than two teams know what it will take.


Tochigi: Like most fans, I think, I am often irked by the pomposity of the NFL and its ill disguised publicity attempts that have all the appeal of the wooden faced Roger Goodell. Thus  I view the 3 day hoopla of the draft as another attempt to increase revenue.

But it begs the the people who actually do the drafting like it this way? Any chance there was pressure from them on the NFL to slow down the speed of the draft for better wheeling and dealing opportunities and evaluation etc.

IOW do I need to contemplate an apology to the Roger Goodell mannequin?

LaneAdkins: I know some teams like the time provided to strategize.


MirORich: Wondering now if the Browns receiving board goes-

1. Coleman

2. Treadwell

3. Doctson

With Coleman being the mystery player, not the one they absolutely would stay at 8 to pick, but one they would consider at 8 and weighing if a trade down and possibility of missing out on him would be counterbalanced by still having access to Treadwell and/or Doctson plus the additional picks they get in trade down?

LaneAdkins: I know Coleman, Treadwell and Thomas, I do not much on Doctson.

I will add, personally, I have Doctson rated right up there, I believe he can be a special talent.


Morella4: I'm reading Sashi Brown's comments the other day about the type of player they're looking at with the first pick: a guy who LOVES football and is a junkie (paraphrasing). He also talks about picking talent over need and while it's a consideration, they don't seem to value it particularly highly. Reading the tea leaves Shaq Lawson seems like an ideal target given those criteria. The talent is there, maybe not our greatest position of need but everything I've heard on the kid is that he loves the game and is an incredible locker room presence.

Honestly, I can see this team having him higher ranked than Bosa (not my personal feelings but I would not be surprised). Could you see Lawson as a dark horse at 8 and could you see them picking him above Bosa?

LaneAdkins: I haven't gotten anything solid leading me to believe they are on him at #8 -- I may be wrong though, and do know Horton does like his aggression and mentality for his scheme.

As for Bosa, we can sit here and talk scheme-fit, but the reality is, the Horton scheme is extremely flexible and doesn't play base often. Bosa would work here.


Tallow: So, there's a report on that the Vikings are fielding calls for folks wanting to move up to #23.

Any chance that could be the Browns with their #32 in an attempt to pick up Lynch or Cook before the Broncos get to them?

LaneAdkins: The Browns have been evaluating trade-up options from #32.

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