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Lane Adkins has been ON FIRE all day in ATI and the Fast Lane. Here are posts from this morning's Fast Lane for folks who haven't happened to visit the forum...


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These initial notes will focus on players within the first two rounds that the Browns have shown interest in, other than the customary meet time in Indy and Alabama and players within the present roster:

- Anyone that states they know what the Browns will do at #8 at this time is pulling your leg. Outside of 3-4 people within the organization, the Browns management and head coach have not shared details as to their preferred direction regarding their first round draft selection.

- Despite the Browns being locked in on 'their guy', theOBR has learned there are up to four players they would strongly consider with the #8 pick.

- TheOBR has learned the selection team (Brown, Berry and Jackson) met Wednesday.

- TheOBR has learned the Browns have not discounted QBs Paxton Lynch and Connor Cook. What we do not have confirmation on is whether QB is in play at #8 or in a trade down scenario, but we're not thinking so at this time due to discussions and tidbits we've been provided. New Orleans, the New York Jets and Denver Broncos have shown more than the regular type interest in Lynch, while the Broncos, Jets and Bears have looked deeply into Cook.

-- Hue Jackson quote from meeting as told to theOBR, "In a meeting when the QB position was discussed, I was told Jackson stated, “You always want athleticism all over the field. But, at the end of the day, if you can put a guy on the field that makes good decisions, doesn’t limit your philosophy and gets the ball out of his hands quickly, you can win with that type of player."

- An AFC personnel executive that knows Hue Jackson well tells theOBR, "There is no doubt in my mind Hue (Jackson) likes what he would have to work with in Paxton Lynch, the question is whether he is comfortable enough in his position to flip the switch. Personally, I don't think the Browns are going to select a QB in the first round."

- The Browns have worked scenarios for the early portion of the draft, one which includes them strongly considering an OT with their first pick. The Browns logged more time on OT Jack Conklin prior to the board being set than any other OT in the draft. 

- We have been told the Browns like WRs Laquon Treadwell, Corey Coleman, Michael Thomas and strangely, we have heard very little on Josh Doctson and his workout was deemed 'dynamite' by a rep.

- Head coach Hue Jackson wants to add a dynamic presence to the receiving corps. While he likes size and speed, the significant interest displayed in Coleman speaks measures as to the HC not simply being locked in on a bigger type receiver. Coleman is a play-maker type the Browns covet.

- TheOBR has been told to not discount the Browns selecting two WRs in the draft --- potentially within the first two to three rounds, depending on how the board falls. Being said, we have not been led to believe a WR is in the cards at #8 unless something has changed within the past 48 hours and in a trade-down scenario seems much more viable.

- Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton has expressed a fondness for DE DeForest Buckner, DE/OLB Joey Bosa and S Karl Joseph.

- The Browns chuckle at the notion that Joey Bosa isn't a fit for their scheme. As told to theOBR by a member of the Browns, "Talented player, excellent motor, can play multiple positions/roles within coach Horton's defense. We know everything there is to know about him and his ability, were comfortable with him if he happens to be there."

- The Browns personnel staff and HC love LB Myles Jack -- but theOBR has learned it is unlikely the Browns select the talented player coming off ACL surgery. The same should be noted regarding LB Jaylon Smith, coming off multiple knee tears and nerve regeneration issue. The Browns have both players flagged, but not entirely excluded from consideration at a point in the draft which is viable for the organization. Both players are deemed draft-able.

- The Browns have fielded calls on the #8 and #32 picks in the draft.

- TheOBR has learned the Browns intend on selecting at #8 unless the draft falls very poorly for them and a team makes a significant offer. As it stands 18 hours out, the Browns are prepared to get the party started.

- TheOBR has learned the Browns are not adverse to dealing back into the first round if one of a few specific players are available.

- OSU RB Zeke Elliott would be in play for the Browns with the #8 pick -- but the belief in Cleveland and around the league is the Dallas Cowboys have the RB as one of the two players they are likely to select with the #4 pick in the draft.

- AFC Executive tells theOBR, "I know Hue (Jackson), he is a confident man, an excellent coach, he knows he has to have a running game to make the transition for his QB (RG3 or whomever) easier. He does not have that work-horse, that 'special' RB on that roster -- I don't believe as dynamic as Duke Johnson was for them in the passing game, I don't believe he is durable enough to be man. I can really see Hue jumping all over Ezekiel Elliott, IF he is there for them."

- The draft could fall to the Browns in a positive way, as the Chargers at #3 are believed to be strongly considering OT Ronnie Stanley -- a potential move that will drop a player down a peg for the Browns.

- One team orchestrated mock scenario has Bosa dropping to the Browns, another has Elliott sitting there at #8 ---- interestingly, Buckner comes off the board at #7 to SF in both instances.

- If OT Laremy Tunsil is available with the 6th pick, the Tennessee Titans are going to be blowing up the Baltimore Ravens phone lines -- the same should be noted as the same if he's available at #8.

- A league personnel executive tells theOBR, "There is a growing belief the Browns will have the opportunity to trade LT Joe Thomas on day-one of the draft. Interestingly, the Browns haven't been openly shopping the All-Pro offensive lineman, but haven't discouraged talk either."

- TheOBR has learned the Browns have CBs Vernon Hargreaves and William Jackson rated very similarly and ahead of OSU's Eli Apple. 

- We've refrained due to a personal request from the supplier of the information, but have gotten the thumbs-up --- The Browns personnel department and coaching has watched as much film and research on OLB/DE Noah Spence as they have Deforest Buckner and Joey Bosa. 

- The Browns are non-commital on the fifth-year option they hold on OLB Barkevious Mingo.

- While not likely a day-two move, unless the Browns move up back into the late second round, but likely a third option --- WR Keyarris Garrett is a player the Browns deemed explosive with excellent size and skill-set.

- A team source tells theOBR that the Browns have not been in on discussions seeking to acquire NY Jets defensive lineman Mo Wilkerson.

- Two teams inquired about the availability of QB Josh McCown in the days following the signing of RG3.

- The Browns do not intend on releasing OLB Paul Kruger and the pass-rushing OLB will be utilized in this role under DC Ray Horton following a failed experiment by the former coaching staff in having Kruger playing a more strong-side, cover LB role.

- Browns staffer on the release of former starting safety Donte Whitner, "Sometimes you need to make a change, it wasn't one specific thing with him, we just didn't see him being the player we want and need at the position and want to see much more of guys like Ibraheim Campbell."

- Browns staffer on the WR position, "You see what we see, addressing the position was one of the first topics of discussion when we got into positional evaluations."

- Browns staffer on CB Justin Gilbert, "The expectation is he come in, be a solid teammate, responsible for what is under his control and follow the team and personal accountability expectations. What happened previously is done, what happens going forward will define who he is as a member of the Cleveland Browns. Let's just say, nothing is held against him, but also acknowledge we're well aware of the past issues and this isn't something that we will relive with him. Now, his athleticism is spectacular and that athleticism carried him to the NFL, but this is a different animal, he has to work, work hard, put in the time and learn there is more to this game than being able to run." 

- Browns staffer on NT Danny Shelton, "A very positive and enlightening young man that feels he let people down a season ago. He'll get about 30 pounds off his body, he'll still have that wide-base, it'll help him in this defense, he'll be quicker and should help him get down and play with a much improved, consistent pad level."

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