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The Mock Draft Muncher has been Massively Modified

We've pounded in yet more updates to the Mock Draft Muncher. See who's falling and rising on as the draft nears...

There are several things to learned from the latest update to the Mock Draft Muncher. 

One is how quickly mock drafters frantically shift their predictions when trades are made. Taking a look at the first spot in the draft, we see one of the most extreme examples of backpedaling in modern history, as mock drafters bail on poor Laremy Tunsil and hurry to scribble in Jared Goff or in fewer cases Carson Wentz as the number one pick in the draft. Tunsil has seen his average draft position skyrocket in the last two weeks after serving as the de facto #1 pick for many months. 

Goff, for his part, has gone in the opposite direction, as has Wentz

Meanwhile, the #8 slot where the Browns pick has gone from near-unanimity for Ezekiel Elliott when the Eagles owned the pick to complete and utter chaos now. 

While Elliott remains the pick at the eighth slot for 10 of the 39 mock drafts in the muncher, that's roughly half the number from about ten days ago. Ronnie Stanley and Myles Jack are now the selections at five of the mock draft, with DeForest Buckner close behind at four. There's largely befuddlement, however, as befitting a team with as many needs as the Browns. 

Continuing confusion reigns at pick #32, with Will Fuller being the selection of three mocks, Connor Cook the pick of two more, and Reggie Ragland somehow falling to the Browns in two more. 

Take your time to explore the Mock Muncher, see who the Browns pick in the third round, and get ready for tonight's draft. 

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