Browns New Regime Impresses

We still don't know the full story, that is 3 to 4 years out, but in their first night, of their first NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns new regime impressed.

Corey Coleman could be great. He could be some combination of Steve SmithAntonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr..He also could just be a very good #2 type receiver who is fast and strong but not big enough to get away with poor route running.

No matter the result, the Browns new regime was impressive as they took control of the most important part of their duties: Building a roster through the NFL Draft.

It started with the trade down from #2 to #8 a couple weeks ago. Instead of waiting until draft night to make the move, the Browns got a deal that they liked, including trading for a 2nd Rounder two drafts away, and gave themselves time to set up their next moves.

Quickly we all heard that the Browns were willing to make another move down. The Browns made it known that teams should start the discussion if they wanted to move up for "their" guy at #8. As I noted on Twitter, a double trade down was in the cards:

Why did a double trade down make sense? It would have been tough for one team to give up the kind of haul the Browns ended up getting for the #2 pick especially with the Rams in place to take the #1 QB.

Once again, the new regime showed their skills. We heard 3 very important rumors linked to the Browns at #8 or if they traded down. 

First, the Browns were willing to draft Ezekiel Elliott or Joey Bosa, whichever fell to them. This told teams that the Browns would have to get the right offer to move off of #8 and that they couldn't assume one of those studs would fall.

Then into the weekend, we started to hear that the Browns might draft Ronnie Stanley or Jack Conklin, whichever one fell to them at #8. Browns fans were not happy to hear it but the team made it known that they were willing to once again address their offensive line high in the draft. Teams wanting one of the top OL, non-bong/gas mask division, had to worry about the Browns.

Finally, Laquon Treadwell started garnering steam as the Browns pick, especially in a trade down. The rumor made a ton of sense for a team in great need of a playmaker on the outside. In the end, Coleman was the pick but the smoke made sure other teams were not aware of the Browns true target at WR.

Then the Browns were on the clock with the 8th pick. Laremy Tunsil was still on the board but his issues were concerning. None of the other presumed top-tier players were still on the board but the phones were ringing and the Browns were able to get the price they wanted to move down into the teens: Another Top 100 pick this year (3rd Rd) and a 2nd Round pick next year.

The value of the 2nd pick was assumed to be much lower than what the Titans got for #1. The 8th pick seemed to have lost some value as well. In the end, the Browns added a 1st, two 2nds and two 3rds to move down a total of 13 spots. The same price the Titans got for #1.

That is 5 picks within the Top 100 to move down 13 spots. 

They still have to hit on the picks, hence the discussion about Coleman to start the article, but the team put themselves in a great position with these two moves.

Now the Browns sit in control of Day 2 and 3 of this year's draft. They have the first pick to start each day, 6 picks in total today and the ability to move all over the board. 

They also already sit in control of next year's draft no matter what their record is. Unlike trade downs in the past, the Browns made moves with two teams that are not expected to be very good next year. The Eagles and Titans should give the Browns high picks in the first 2 rounds next year.

Finally, the Browns are already building their future with a high pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and perhaps more to come. While other teams undervalue future picks, the Browns value any pick in the Top 100. We could see them continue to try to stockpile picks in that range. They see 2 picks in that range as better than 1 higher. We could also see them move some of their picks outside of the Top 100 to get another pick in that range.

The new Browns regime was impressive to start their first NFL Draft, can they keep it up?


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