Browns draft DE Emmanuel Ogbah at 32

At the top of the second round the Browns did not trade down and selected defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah from Oklahoma State

BEREA--The Browns got things starting on Day two of the draft by keeping their pick at No. 32 and selected defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah from Oklahoma State.

Sashi Brown and Hue Jackson both said they received several offers to trade down, but in the end felt Ogbah was too good to pass up.

"One of the goals we set out as an organization, other than landing this man and some dynamic playmakers on offense, was being able to find an edge rusher in the draft was high on our priority list," Brown said. "For our board, Emmanuel was at the top of our board and we had a first-round grade on him. We were hopeful and were pleased he was sitting there for us.

"We had some debate today whether we would trade out, but frankly this player was just too good to pass up."

Jackson agreed.

"An edge rusher. The guy is 6-4, 275 pounds and has 4.6 speed," Jackson said. "He has 24 sacks in the past two years. One of our goals to set the draft was to obtain a dynamic playmaker (Corey Coleman) and today was getting an edge rusher and he was sitting there and was too good to pass . This guy brings a dynamic on defense and we said we want to be suffocating and we understand we have to affect the quarterback in our division and he has this element and he can do that."

Ogbah (6-4, 275) feels he can make an immediate impact on the Browns defense.

"I'm a relentless player and I like to get to the quarterback," Ogbah said. "That's how I play."

Ogbah had 13 sacks last season at Oklahoma State, ranking fourth nationally. He also had 17.5 tackles for loss and had 28 in his career.

Pro Football Focus compared Ogbah to Charles Johnson of the Panthers.

"Ogbah is a productive pass rusher and tested well at the combine, but somewhat inconsistent against the run. He has room to improve there given hislength, but may be more of a situational rusher in the early going." 

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