Hue Jackson loves QB Cody Kessler's accuracy

Browns Hue Jackson says Cody Kessler has pin-point accuracy

Hue Jackson said the reason he is so high on Cody Kessler is due to his accuracy. He completed 78 percent of his passes last year at USC.

Kessler said he feels accuracy is the strength of his game. 

"For me, personally I've always taken pride in my accuracy," Kessler said. "Getting the ball to the right guy. I've always wanted to be the most accurate and get the ball into the hands of the receivers."

Kessler said he had five coaches in his three seasons at USC, but feels he has made the most of his opportunity and has shown he could play at the next level.

"I've shown at the Senior Bowl and at my Pro Day that I can make all of the throws."

Kessler's arm strength has been brought into question, but he said he plans to prove any of the doubters wrong.

"I heard that a lot and it surprised me because we took a lot of long passes this season," he said. "I've shown, especially at my Pro Day that I could make all of the throws."

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