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Ask the Cleveland Browns Insiders: Post NFL Draft Edition

Our subscribers have plenty of questions about the draft, and our insiders have answers. Did the Browns receive offers for Joe Thomas? Are they satisfied with the RB group?

Shrooney: Since this draft may actually be driven by the reports of our scouts, what is your assessment of our current scouting department? Do you have faith and confidence in their talent evaluation?

LaneAdkins: I believe the Browns scouting department is very capable and this organization would be in a much better place today if they had followed the evaluation rather than deviating as they did.


Chidawg: Did any teams make serious offers for Joe Thomas during the draft?  Any idea what compensation?

LaneAdkins: Not aware of anything of remote significance.


BSipe17: Scooby will be on my 'must watch' during minis, training and preseason. I know he had knee issues, but I was surprised he dropped to the 7th. I can see him making the team as a wildman ST guy while he gets his NFL LB legs under him. Why do you think he dropped to the bottom?

LaneAdkins: Many view him as a between the tackles ILB, knee injury certainly limited him -- 2015 tape not nearly what 2014 was -- being said, I like his all effort, intense game.


Chee68: Lane, thanks as always for all the info.  I’m sure you will be providing a lot of post-draft tidbits. One thing I want to know is, did you get any insight on how the war room ran over the draft weekend?

I know that is a vague question so to speak, but you know what I am saying.

Compared to previous years?  Did they stick to their board?  Were they all on the same page?  Any major dissension at any point? etc, etc.....

2nd question:  How do you evaluate the draft as a whole?  considering all the info you were privy to PRIOR to the draft.

LaneAdkins: I was told it was very professional, plenty of discussion on football -- Brown, Berry and Jackson.

I have to relive the draft now to see where I believe they may have missed or did not miss.

I'd say the draft as a whole was as we noted here in regards to how they would attack positions and scheme improvements -- I was quite pleased with the information and how it played out when the clock started ticking.


Becerra7: How many starters do you feel we came away with in this draft? To me, only 1 is guaranteed, Coleman. Sure, Ogbah, Nassib and maybe one of their WR's might contribute in year 1, but I think with 6 picks in top 100 or whatever it was, there needed to be more. Obviously talent wasn’t oozing from the seams with this team before the draft started. I’m just disappointed in how things shook out, especially when you factor in all the trade downs to capitalize on value.

What are your thoughts, Lane? Am I wrong in feeling that?

LaneAdkins: I don't agree and will be discussing in the coming days.


Nickmar19: I'm a little disappointed that the Browns haven't added to the RB corps yet... Do you know Hue's thinking on Crow and the guy they signed from the Bengals PS? I'm sure they like Duke but they need more than him.

LaneAdkins: I know Jackson has a high opinion of Johnson and Watson and I've been told on more than one occasion the staff believes the running game will be improved due to change in philosophy.

As for Crowell, they believe he had to think too much, working within new philosophy, hoping he becomes more reactionary, as he was as a rookie.

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