Ask the Insiders: Josh Gordon, Mike Mathews & More

With the Cleveland Browns set to open Rookie Minicamp tomorrow, the Ask the Insiders questions have slowed down but still pumping. Bringing together a few of the common subjects asked about here:

On Josh Gordon #1

so what is his status. I know he was denied reinstatement but what is the next step or is that the end of the line?


Limbo, suspended, can reapply August 1st


Sorry for yet another Gordon question. At the point he reapplies on Aug 1, is there a timetable for how long the NFL will take to address the application for reinstatement.
And is that decision by the NFL based on tests and behavours between now and Aug 1st? Or will it be based on tests and evals given on/after August 1?


The belief is, if Gordon has been a 'good boy' the decision will be relatively quick


LA's answer to a question on Gordon's status: "Limbo, suspended, can reapply August 1st"

I'm guessing that as long as he is hanging close to "Billy" he has 2 chances of getting reinstated when he reapplies 8/1: slim & none and slim left town.  Getting anything different?


If doesn't violate the policy in ANY regard his chances for reinstatement are better than average

On Mike Matthews #1

Will Mike Matthews wear #57? Please tell him that the people of Cleveland demand it. 


Cam Johnson is wearing #57 at this time


I heard a quick report on the radio about signing Mike Matthews. It also said he could be a real threat to Cam to be the starter at center. Is this realistic? If he is so good, why wasn't he drafted?


Led to believe he could use a year in the system -- strength/conditioning/coaching, will say he is a technician and works his ass off. Going to be interesting to see once he gets his feet wet

On Signing the Rookies

With many agents advising clients not to participate in the camps until they have a contract, will the Browns continue to be the last to sign all their draft picks, delaying their development? I haven't seen any information stating who is signed yet.


Am told they have begun engaging agents on player signings

On Rookies Making the Team

Out of the 14 draft picks, how many do you think can actually make this roster? I'm going to say 11, with DeValve, Kessler, an Caldwell missing out. If that is how it works out, who on the current roster gets released?


I believe DeValve and Kessler make the team and I'll begin doing that preliminary roster projection type work once players get into the OTA and mini-camp sessions

On Paxton Lynch

Just curious was Browns sniffing around to trade up for Lynch at the end of the 1st round? Also if Lynch did fall to 32 do you think the Browns would have pulled the trigger on him?  


Am told they had an internal discussion and did not make a run

On Cody Kessler & Trusting Hue

That he thinks Kessler has as much chance as becoming franchise QB as Goff or Wentz? (and therefore Kessler was the much better  pick because allowed Browns to parlay their #1 into a boatload of other picks. 


I believe Jackson feels that Kessler has a better than average chance to become a starting QB at this level that can lead his team

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