Cody Kessler takes great pride in accuracy

Browns newest QB Cody Kessler talks about his accuracy and how important it is in his game.

BEREA,Ohio--Hue Jackson said Cody Kessler's "pin-point" accuracy is one of the traits that compelled the Browns to draft him.

Kessler said he's worked hard his entire career on being accurate.

“For me, I’ve always prided myself on my accuracy, and the biggest thing for that was I played at USC with guys who are athletes, guys that can make plays," Kessler said. "I always wanted to make sure that I got the ball to them at the right time and let them be the guys that kind of, I guess, made me look good and made the rest of the team look good. I really always believed it got started with my feet, and I’ve always taken pride in just the small details of everything it takes to be an accurate quarterback. It’s something – just went out for walkthrough today – that I really wanted to show and something I want to keep improving on.”

Kessler said he and Jackson have clicked since they first met when Kessler visited the Browns. 

“When I came for a visit in March, it was just one of the better meetings I’ve had throughout the whole draft process, probably was the best meeting I had for sitting down with him in his office one-on-one talking football, talking what he expected from me and different things and what he expects from the quarterback position," he said. "A lot of that kind of leans towards perfection. He wants guys who play at a very high level, and I’ve always taken pride of that in myself. I’ve always been hard on myself. Something that I wanted to do was show that, show I could come in and play as hard as I can and show that I can come in and take constructive coaching, take criticism, take things and learn from it.

"That’s what’s great about Coach Jackson is we had a walkthrough today," he said. "It was real short, but at the same time he gave me probably 20 different pointers just to learn from and get to. I think his mindset for the game and the position is second to none, and that’s something I’m really looking forward to work with.”

Jackson agreed the pair has had good communication thus far.

“It was good communication," he said. "I think probably what he enjoyed was there was a lot of dialogue back and forth. I think it’s not just the coach’s way. There’s give and take in everything you do with players. I think he understood that my job is to create the environment, this is how I want it, and he was able to feel that. I think players really want discipline and structure, and they want it done the right way. Then, I think they kind of fall in.

"Our conversation was a lot about football, things that he could do better," he said. "I think he’s seen the potential of him growing and getting better being around me, and I saw the potential of a young man who was willing to take the information and learn from it. It was a good conversation. I’m glad he felt that way. It made me feel good. I didn’t know that. At the same time, he has some growing to do, but he did some outstanding things (Friday), as well.”






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