C.J. Jones Grabs the First Gameball

We've tabulated the results of the first Gameballs and Goats of the year, and it shows that C.J. Jones is quickly becoming a favorite of Browns fans. Grabbing a gameball from almost half of dawgs voting, Jones joined kickers Phil Dawson and Chris Gardocki at the top of the list. As for goathorns, well, let's just say that Steve Heiden and Andre King need to hold onto the ball.... Here's the first Gameballs and Goats of the 2003 season!

The Week's Results

Showing the Browns fans are truly fanatical even during the pre-season, over 100 dawgs crammed into the Bernie's Insiders chat room on Saturday night, and an even larger group took part in this week's gameballs and goats voting. The new gameballs and goats voting booth operated fairly well for typically slapped-together Bietz code and we got 135 votes in total, which is way above what we've had for the first preseason game in years past.

We will feature gameballs and goats each week again this season, and will begin collecting results for year-end awards starting with the first week of the season.

C.J. Jones was clearly the stand-out in the eyes of Browns fans, as nearly 50% of fans electing to give Jones a gameball for his performance. Seeing that Browns fans saw the game much like Head Coach Butch Davis, putting Browns kickers into gameball territory as well.

Pass droppers Steve Heiden and Andre King finished first and second for goathorns. Big Money was the invisible man on Saturday night, which earned him third place on the goathorns list.

The pro-Holcomb contingent made their voices heard as well, putting Holcomb's performance into the Top 10 of gameball vote getters and being making Tim Couch's lackluster performance good for fourth on the goathorn list.

Here are the top vote-getters in each category:

Player Gameballs
C.J. Jones (3/WR) 61
Phil Dawson (4/K) 42
Chris Gardocki (17/P) 36
Orpheus Roye (99/DT) 35
Alvin McKinley (97/DT) 22
Josh Booty (12/QB) 19
Andra Davis (54/MLB) 16
Kalvin Pearson (43/CB) 16
Michael Lehan (39/CB) 15
Kelly Holcomb (10/QB) 11


Player Goathorns
Steve Heiden (82/TE) 42
Andre King (84/WR) 37
Gerard Warren (94/DT) 33
Tim Couch (2/QB) 33
---O Line--- 23
---Officiating Crew--- 16
Barry Gardner (55/MLB) 15
William Green (31/RB) 15
Jeff Faine (50/C) 14
Kevin Johnson (85/WR) 9

Gameball Comments:

JCSuhay: C.J. Jones - Dennis Northcutt's replacement after this season

Anonymous: Davis - By far the better Middle Linebacker, it's time to make this change. Burns - This guy is a threat (as is Jones) who should be getting some of the opportunities that King has been getting. Lehan - This guy may end up starting by the end of the season

Anonymous: Josh Booty--the Booty show at the end of the 4th was the best part of the whole game!!!

Fairwayseeker: Davis has shown that he can make plays & deserves to play ahead of Gardner by far! Jones needs to get the same kind of opportunities that King has gotten - he is more dependable and better hands! Gardocki has shown once again that he is a very valuable

Clevedawg: Pearson was an animal and two (Gardocki) punts inside the 5 yard line is awesome.

eelkinsjr: Booty - starting to look like a veteran!! If Josh had more experience, even he would have people mentioning Tim Couch and Mike Phipps in the same sentence!

goofboy: I had to listen in on the internet, besides our Kickers the only guy whose name I kept hearing in a positive light was Roye. He has been giving a 100% through training camp - an low and behold it carries over to gameday.

mikehey: Dave Campo for making the right adjustments for defense.

joebrownlee: Pearson did a GREAT job on a tight end that must have had 50 pounds on him. He also broke up a pass. McKinley forced a fumble and is beginning to look like a co-starter at DT rather than a backup. CJ Jones makes this team, mark it down now.

wahoopcc: Good job by Dawson and Gardocki for actually showing up when it counted. Pearson played like he wants to make the team.

james_t_h: Booty looked pretty darn good! Dawson scored our only points...and I think that C.J. Jones can replace Northcutt when he decides to leave.

srqdawg: I hope Gardocki gets to the Pro Bowl this year

jsinct: Browns fans for going to the game, watching it on TV, listening on the Radio or even dealing with this sorry excuse of a "professional" football game.

shellsehrk: Dawson and Gardocki - Our kickers ROCK! Nice 51 yarder... C.J. Jones - Holy Moly is he fast! He catches the bal and is off like greased lightning!

voiceofreason: Dawson hit a clutch kick under difficult conditions. McKinley was our best defensive player. CJ Jones contributed in a number of different ways and, unlike some receivers, catches the ball!

Goat Comments:

daniboy: The announcers were horrible. Referring to Shaun O'Hara as Jeff Faine. Not being able to show replays. Not knowing a play was being challeneged. A very lackluster performance.

jcsushey: Andre King - Prime example of why you should look the ball into your hands. Offense - 9 yards total in the first quarter. Thank God they handed the ball off to William Green.

Anon: Gardner - Misses too many tackles, needs to be a versatile back-up. King - This guy has been given a position from day 1, there are better returners and the rookie WR should be given some chances since we know King can drop a couple a game

Anon: Andre King--drop a few more easy passes, why don't ya?

apvic: I believe Lang was supposed to be licking his chops not his "butt" ... how fricking embarrassing. Did Warren play last night ???

swerb: The guard position is a huge concern right now. Not one of our guards should be starting for any of the 32 NFL franchises...

fairwayseeker: Gardner is showing us what was wrong last year - poor tackling! King, a Davis favorite, really is known more for dropped passes & as a Return man (Jones is better at both!)

clevdawg: While the OL did not give up a sack, they surely didn't make any holes either. Tim Couch, in defense of his poor play, he did ---you know what, I don't feel like defending him...

eelkins: Couch - tripping over his OWN leg (I recorded the game), on top of the fumbled snap with Buffalo!! What athleticism?! Heiden - Obvious! Officials - Blanchard, no fumble and even Eddie did not think that he scored!

smagyar: Holcomb disappointed. 1st team offense against 2nd team defense. Ugh.

goofboy: Listened on the internet and didn't hear Fat a$$'s number called once. Did he actually Play? If you dog it through training camp you sure as hell better show up BIG on gameday?

mikehey: ... For Bruce Arians play calling when couch was in...

joebrownlee: Two critical drops by Andre King, both on third down. Miami alum or not, CJ Jones will be on the roster and King will be unemployed. All camp we hear how Heiden is improved, but two terrible drops cost the Browns.

glennc: Good thing this game doesn't count. The officiating was awful. The first review (Eddie George's TD) was borderline, but the call on Billy Blanchard's "fumble" was beyond belief. Even Butch just laughed at the official as if to say "you've gotta be kidding me!"

wahoopcc: O-Line - Lets pick up the intensity a bit. Bust someone in the mouth and move that pile! PLEASE!!

dboots: THE Offense was offensive.

srqdawg: 1. Although KJ had a decent game, I gotta give him a goat - Vets don't fumble at the goal line. 2. Andre King just dropped his roster spot along with that pass. 3. Looks like another long season of being dissed by the refs

jsinct: Suggs for his comments on holding out for a year... Way to go...

shellsehrk: Lang - I still can't believe he missed that sack on McNair. Good God, Man - Make a tackle!

voiceofreason: Did Gerard Warren play, or was there a party Saturday night? Not a great effort by a guy who has every reason to give one.



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