Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Better late than never, I guess. With the Saturday game, mangling up the Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript fell through the cracks a bit. Blame the webmaster - it's fun! Anyhow, a lot of the conversation centered around the offensive line following the dismal showing against Buffalo. Dave Carducci's borderline-prescient remarks last Thursday are captured here, minus the usual chat banter and goofiness...

BryanK Hi, Dave. Hows the golf game?
Swerb Cardoooch. I have to start by giving props for the Ben Curtis call three Thursdays ago...
DavidCarducci Hi Howldawg, Lumpy, Bryan ... unfortunately, no time for the golf game
BryanK Thats too bad
DavidCarducci Swerb, thanks man! I have to cover him now next week at the PGA Championship and at the British Open, Masters and US Open next year. SHould be fun
ramllov Dave? who are the players that Butch Davis want to sign extensions?
DavidCarducci Ram, not sure just yet on that. Not the type of thing he'd share with us. It's something that will take some digging
ramllov I heard about that on the site, I was wondering. It sounds like he likes the past few drafts
JoeBrownlee Dave, any thoughts on the shakeups on the o-line? I thought Zukauskas was pretty bad Saturday.
DavidCarducci Joe, I hate to say it because I like Paul a lot, but he did struggle Saturday. I've been very impressed by Fowler this week.
DCBrowns When can we expect Fowler and Mitchell to becoome starters?
DavidCarducci I like the fact that Fowler is an athlete. Outstanding lacrosse player, basketball player. I think it helps him in this kind of adjustment
ramllov How far away is Q. Mitchell, I heard he had a good week
howldawg Dave were you as impressed as Davis was with Qasim's progress last week
howldawg great minds Ram lol
DavidCarducci I think Qasim is still a bit far off as far as a possible starter is concerned. He still has a lot to learn with technique, etc., and needs these preseason games probably more than anyone else
Swerb I must say I am concerned about our OG's. I am high on Fowler and Qasim and long term, but not so sure about the first 8 games this year.
DavidCarducci Swerb, I agree. I said earlier that I didn't think you'd see Fowler, Mitchell and Faine this year, at least as starters, simply because of the inexperience.
DavidCarducci Fowler is showing something, but he will still go through some growing pains
Matt Dave, any more word on Andre Davis? I hope he won't be out for an extended period. He and Q could be something.
DavidCarducci Matt, supposedly Andre will practice Monday. Of course, when Butch talks about injuries, you never know. He said there was no structural damage, and they want him to stay off his feet as much as possible. That's why he hasn't eeven been on the sidelines in practice
ramllov Dave? How do you rate O'Hara?
DavidCarducci Ram, I like O'Hara more than I ever have. I still think ultimately he is a very nice utility guy because of his experience and his ability to play any three interior line spots and long snap. He is bigger this year, and he does seem more like a veteran than ever. Leading a bit more by example, and his play has shown something
JoeBrownlee OK, Dave, what about the obligatory QB question. Any change this week?
DavidCarducci Joe, I think Holcomb had a better week than Couch this week. And I expect Holcomb to start Saturday. I think Couch is going through a bit of the dead-arm issues he has in the past, possibly because he has gone so all-out in this camp. He is throwing with a lot more rpm's on the ball, and he's doing it all the time because there is so much at stake. He hasn't had as many off days as Holcomb, and it's starting to show
Swerb Everyone expected Qasim to walk in and steal that starting spot. He's just not quite ready. Maybe in short yardage...
DavidCarducci Could be, swerb. He does flash a lot of natural talent, and he is huge... I love the thought of using him on kickoff coverage too. Fun to think about
Matt Since we're going through the OL, there was a lot of praise for Tucker in terms of his offseason work. How will he and Verba be this year?
DavidCarducci Matt, I like the potential for Tucker to have a breakout season. Verba is bigger. I'm still not sold on him, though.
newdawg how good is Fowler as a run blocker?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, he's better than I thought and remembered. He is another guy who has changed his body type around, and it is clearly helping
ramllov How much does Fowler now weight?
DavidCarducci Ram, I don't know off the top of my head. I talked to him for quite a while today. He said, and I can not remember. Again, though, he doesn't have that baby fat he had last year
Swerb I like Verba and Tucker in the run game. Dave, any evidence that they'll be able to better handle speed rushers off the end this season?
DavidCarducci Swerb, I have a lot of confidence in Tucker. I still don't have it yet in Verba. And the way he held and spun the Bills defensive end (can't remember which) around last week as a last resort didn't make me feel any better
Swerb Verba is monstrous this season. Visually impressive. Arms like a WWE guy...
Guest134 isnt dealing w speed rusher a matter of footwork and leverage rather than brute force? Do you see Verba's footwork as suspect???
DavidCarducci Guest134, I've seen good and I've seen bad with him. I would say he is inconsistent.
DCBrowns Speaking of speed is Brown coming along?
DavidCarducci DCBrowns, he is doing more and more. The rumor is he gets his shot to play against Green Bay next wek
Fairwayseeker Hi Dave, I talked with Doug Dieken at Camp last week and he seemed concerned with Verba. Have you heard any rumblings like that? Also, how many OL do you think we keep this year?
DavidCarducci Fairwayseeker, I've heard several things about Verba that would lead me to believe there is a concern. Again, he is very inconsistent, and as we've heard over and over, that's something that would trouble Butch
Matt Any observations on Faine? Has he shown flashes of being the mauler the Browns expected to get on draft day?
DavidCarducci Matt, one thing I notice with Faine is that he still struggles with the shot gun. Had one of the worst shotgun snaps I've ever seen today. Like a shank. But again, that's something that will come. He has a great, mean-streak on the field, that is noticable even in practice. That alone makes him a positive as compared with Wohlabaugh
Lumpy Dave, how is the cornerback and safety positions playing out? Who is in on the nickel and dime packages at DB and LB?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, it changes all the time. The Browns seem to be very interested in seeing what they can get out of Lewis Sanders, giving him an opportunity at both corners. I think for now you will see a lot of mixing and matching, using Crocker as both a corner and safety in various packages. Lots of rotations.
ramllov Dave? Do you see three keepers on the offensive line now? Tucker, Faine and Fowler?
DavidCarducci Ram, that's about right. I have a hunch that Qasim is a keeper as well. If that is the case, then LT might end up being a prime need for next year
ericthebrown How long will Gardner hold the starting MLB spot?
DavidCarducci Eric, Gardner has been up and down in my opinion. I still like what he brings as a veteran, and as a guy who is very good in the locker room. A real leader and team player. I just think that Andra Davis brings more to the field.
artbtz From the forum: Are Michael Jameson and Lewis Sanders really ready for prime time? I have a feeling the answer will be, ""they better be"". But all in all, especially Jameson, will they be a liability in the defensive backfield or could they be an upgrade over Henry/Griffith?
DavidCarducci Jameson did do very well in the scrimmage. I love his speed, and he has very good instincts. He has been much better supporting the run than I thought he would
DavidCarducci AB, I think Sanders has more potential to be a liability than Jameson. I like Sanders size and speed, but again, he is one of those guys who is incredibly inconsistent.
Guest134 Dave how long is Jackson going to be PUPed and is this a lost year for him?
DavidCarducci Giest134, that's one of those things I can't even guess at, simply because you never know with the Browns. They could say it's day-to-day, and he will end up out for the year. I'm hopeful Frisman can come back this year at some point, and I assume they think he will considering he is on the PUP and not IR. There are a lot of things I like about Frisman
DCBrowns With all the fluctuations in the starting rotations do you think this will be a problem with building cohesion? Knowing how your teammates will respond and where they will be, for example?
DavidCarducci DCBrowns, I don't think so. This kind of thing happens every year. The good thing with the linemen is that all, other than Faine, have been here for a year or two, they know eachother, and they can mix and match up front without losing a whole lot. And William Green knows these guys now, and he can anticipate the holes with whoever is up front.
DavidCarducci Plus, there is still a lot of time for them to work together before the start of the year. There may be some issues, especially at linebacker, DL and CB in the first few weeks
ramllov Dave, I was wondering about the canadian defensive lineman. How is he doing?
DavidCarducci Ram, I've finally had a chance to watch Israel Idonije, before he got hurt, and to visit with him. He is pretty impressive. THe coaching staff likes a lot of things in him. He is solid sas a rock, and he has very good speed. Lots to learn in technique still, but he is a raw talent. It's too bad he got hurt. He should be back within a week. Has a ""prelude"" to a fracture in his left ankle.
Guest134 Dave do you see this as a year we will have to offensively defeat our opponents rahter than defensively? ( deffense gives up tons but offense piles on more ) or can we expect the D solidify by week 8?
DavidCarducci Guest134, I think that is the case right off the bat, at least until some of the young LB's start to get their feet wet. There are just so many questions on defense that still need to be figured out. there are questions on the line, clear questions at LB, and several in the defensive backfield. Really, the Couch-Holcomb controversy is about the fifth most important question in camp, if you add in the o-line
Swerb Josiah? Hows he looked? Hes the 7th guy at LB, no?
DavidCarducci I haven't had enough of a look at Josiah to form an opinion. I'm going to pull a Butch and say I want to wait to see the film. I always watch the tape of the game three or four times during a week, and now that I get all the games on DVD when I get home, I can take it with me and keep breaking down plays by watching on the laptop.
artbtz From the forums: I have not seen much about special teamers so far... How does Gardocki look? is he actually being pushed? How has Dawson looked so far in camp?
DavidCarducci AB, there is no real way to get a feel for Gardocki until you see him in a game. Watching a punter in practice, you really can't judge him. I don't think he is really being pushed, but Taylor is a guy they like and may find a way to keep around and develop as Gardocki starts to run out of gas. Dawson's leg is clearly stronger, as it is every year. He is so obviously improved every year we see him
FLADAWG Speaking of ST Where would Mitchell play on ST? I cannot picture a 380 lb guy running down the field like that!
DavidCarducci Fladawg, they are talking about him flying down the middle on kickoff coverage. Now that they've changed the rules on blocking, they see that as a possiblity. Davis compared it to the way the Cowboys used Hennings.
howldawg how are the kickoffs are they deeper so far this year then what we saw last year.
DavidCarducci Howldawg, we don't see many kickoffs in practice, so it's one of those things we'll see Saturday night. Usually they'll use the machine to kick off with Dawson simulating running up to the kick to allow the coverage team to work on timing. They don't want to burn out his leg.
Lumpy Dave, you mentioned you don't see McKinley in a starting role. with all this talk of Warren slacking off, could it be possible that we see a 3 DT rotation more and Mckinley earning more time then Warren? The staff love Roye and Warren is not playing up to his words?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I actually don't think the Warren slacking off talk has too much truth to it. I am anxious to see if Warren is true to his word by seeing what he brings come game time. His early injury soured a few fans. I think you will see a lot more of McKinley, though, simply because he has a lot to offer. He has simply used some offensive linemen (buffalo's and the Browns) in practice. He has also added some size, so he should be improved in the run game
newdawg Dave, what are the chances of shea getting cut this year?
DavidCarducci Newdawg, I don't think it will happen because Shea is still a pet of Davis'. He loves Shea's hard-nosed attitude. But at some point, he has to show he can stay on the field. As thin as the Browns are at TE, I think they keep him around, especially if they don't figure out the FB situation
Lumpy thanks seem to think Warren is giving his all?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I'd like to think he is. It's hard to say, considering we don't get as close to practice as I'd like. But for as much as he talks about turning over a new leaf and wanting a big year, if it doesn't show this year, he'll really have egg on his face. I like Gerard a lot more than I ever did. He is much more personable, much easier to approach. So, I'm really rooting for him
howldawg Dave Last does CJ really have agod chance to make this team?
DavidCarducci Howldawg, CJ certainly has a chance. It's all a question of his showing he can play as well in games as he does in touch football during practice. Also, he needs to show he can add something in the return game. But with Frisman out, there is a spot.
ramllov Dave what about defensive free agent rookies. any to make the team?
DavidCarducci Possibly Ram, Unck is a possiblity if he is what so many claim on special teams. Ricky Shapre has looked good as well at times
FLADAWG Dave is Monroe a goner once he heals, 2 years same bone, sounds like retirement
DavidCarducci Fladawg, I know for a fact that they were very interested in what Monroe could bring to the team last year, and were very disapointed when he was hurt. You can only hold out hope for a guy for so long.
FLADAWG Odd man out in camp so far?
DavidCarducci Fladawg, I have a few guesses, but I'd rather wait to say, simply because I don't want to close any doors with players if they see this
Swerb Dave, any chance of any UFA pickups. There are a couple decent SS's out there.
Swerb Dorsett from Oak?
Swerb Griff scares the hell outta me. Can he stay healthy? Can ge perform at a higher level than last season? With these young LB's, we need a big year out of the SS position...
DavidCarducci Swerb, I think if they were going to pick up another safety, they'd have done it by now. In fact, I was very surprised to see a new TE and FB Monday instead of a safety. My guess is they are confident Griffith will be back (already practicing with a soft cast), and they think Crocker can fill a need in a pinch.
Hound09 Dave do the CB have enough speed to really play
DavidCarducci Hound, Lewis Sanders has outstanding speed. Crocker and Lehan certainly have it as well. I think Henry's speed is just fine, and McCutcheon is certainly not slow, but he makes up for any shortcomings with very nice technique and a nice understanding of the game
Guest134 Dave do you see cuts being made after Sat? or do es everyone pretty much have another week?
DavidCarducci Guest134, I'm not sure how they are planning it this year. I think with the changes in forcing teams to cut regularly, they'll probably wait to cut most
DavidCarducci Guys, I have to run. I actually have an early trip to Nashville tomorrow. Meeting a few friends and going to the Robert Cray show at the old Ryman auditorium

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