Shelton's "secret ingredient" for weight loss

Danny Shelton disclosed that he has dropped 30 pounds since last season and gives credit to those who helped him.

BEREA,Ohio--Last year's number one pick returns for the 2016 season with a renewed commitment to the game of football. Danny Shelton disclosed that he has lost 30 pounds since the end of last season and is down to his goal of 335 pounds.

"Honestly, it's close to 30 pounds," Shelton said. "Towards the end of the (2015) season, that's when my weight started getting out of hand and really, just taking the opportunity with Coach (Ray) Horton and Coach (Hue) Jackson coming in, taking the opportunity to show them a new player. Everybody has a fresh start with these new coaches, but I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and start the change around the team with myself. When I was able to do that, to change my weight, drop the weight, it was more of me being accountable and me being able to sacrifice for the team and work for the betterment of the team."
Shelton was asked what his goal for his weight was. 
"My goal was 335 before the season starts and so I got that about three weeks ago," he said. "I've just been maintaining now. Honestly, just playing at this weight will be better for me as far as being on the field more, getting more playing time and then for my lifestyle, just to be better on my knees and just for my health, really.
"Honestly just working with Coach Adam (Beard, director of high performance), Coach Evan (Marcus, strength and conditioning coordinator), those two were my guys who helped me. They were my secret ingredient to losing all this weight. I did do some MMA training in Parma, but overall Coach Adam, Coach Evan were the guys who helped me finish and get me to my goal, and I did this all before the nutritionist came on staff, so now I don't really need to talk to her but I probably should. It's been great."
Shelton said he wants to make sure he doesn't put the weight back on and get back up to the nearly 365 pounds he played at the end of last season. 
"Honestly that was kind of my first concern when I started back in February because my goal was to get to 335 by July, before training camp," he said. "It was kind of like, if I get to 335 right before camp, I'll have a month before the season actually starts to work with the weight, but now that I've done it so early, I have this many months to work with the weight -- drop more if I need to, add more if I need to -- but, honestly just working with Coach Adam, Coach Evan, being consistent with that."
Hue Jackson said it was important for Shelton to lose the weight.

“That is important," Jackson said. "One that Adam Beard and his staff have done a tremendous job. We have hired a nutritionist as well, but, I give a lot of that credit to Danny. I think Danny was motivated himself to be a better football player. He knew in order to do that that he needed to shed some weight. Our guys have done everything we have asked them to do.

"I have never been happier with a group than with this group," he  said. "We understand that all this that we are doing right now only gives us a chance when we get back. It guarantees nothing. It signifies nothing. You have got to give ourselves an opportunity to have success, whether it is Danny Shelton or any of our football players doing the things we have asked them to do and that is where it all starts.


Shelton likes what he sees of Horton's defense and thinks he can be a three-down player, including playing on passing downs.
"I feel like my role as a defensive lineman, the real priority is to stop the run," he said. "Second to that would be my pass rush ability, and so working with Coach (Joe) Kim this past offseason, that's really helped me grow as a player, just adding to my pass rush ability and the technique, really focusing on technique, focusing on adding pressure to the quarterback."
Shelton has enjoyed the full off-season in Cleveland preparing himself to take his game to the next level.
"It's been great, really," he said. "Last year was crazy. Rookie year is always going to be a lot of stuff, mentally and physically. I felt like this offseason, this past offseason, I was able to do what I wanted to do and that was getting into mixed martial arts, doing my cardio, dropping weight and I just felt more of a professional.
"My rookie year was more like me having to follow people around, having to shadow people I felt like, but just going off what we did this past offseason, I felt more of a leader, more of a professional. It's just an awesome feeling really."
Extra Points
Meet and Greet: DL Danny Shelton said that he is in the process of finalizing a 'Meet and Greet' for fans who purchased his No. 71 jersey from his rookie season. He is now wearing No. 55 and he is planning to sign the jerseys for the fans.
"Initially I told the fans that I wanted to do something for them, the ones who bought 71 jersey, and so this past month-and-a-half I've been thinking of stuff and it just came down to me just giving my time to sign for them, meet-and-greet," Shelton said. "We're still finalizing that. My agents and also Jenna with the Browns, but really, just kind of building that chemistry with the fans, trying to change the culture around in Cleveland. We've already done so much as far as Cleveland as a group of people with the win in UFC, with our basketball team -- they're not doing too good right now, but, honestly, they've worked their butts off this whole season and it's awesome to see where they're at -- even our baseball team, so I just feel like the culture in Cleveland's gonna change, so for me to be able to give my time and sign jerseys for these fans who bought my original number, it's the least I could do really.
Mr. Throw Away: QB Robert Griffin III has the throw away pass down. Griffin III, once again threw a pass away in team scrimmage by launching the ball over the 16 foot fence that separates the Browns practice facility from neighboring homes. Griffin III has been seen during the open portion of practice to have thrown at least footballs over the fence.
Rookie Pick: Rookie LB Joe Schobert intercepted a pass thrown by Griffin III on the final play of practice after the pass was tipped by LB Christian Kirksey. DB Jamar Taylor intercepted a tipped pass from Griffin III on the first play, as well.
DeValve Back: Rookie TE Seth DeValve practiced after missing most of the OTA's recovering from a foot injury. DeValve flashed his speed in a couple of the balls thrown his way.
Payton in School: Rookie WR Jordan Payton is missing minicamp as he's still in school at UCLA. Hue Jackson admitted that Payton is behind but the Browns knew Payton would still be in school when they drafted him in the fifth-round.

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