RG3 says he's having fun again

Browns quarterback Robert Griffin III says he's having fun again playing football with the Browns.

BEREA,Ohio--After four up and down seasons with the Washington Redskins, Robert Griffin III is trying to re-launch his career in the NFL with the Browns.Griffin III said he's having fun again playing the game that he loves.

“You can never take the fun out of the game," Griffin III said. "You have to enjoy the process. You have to go out there and be yourself. You can’t be anybody else. You can only be yourself. I like to have fun. I like to encourage guys. God blessed me with the ability to run a little bit.

"At quarterback you don’t get to do that too often, so I have to get my conditioning in chasing after guys, catching balls and having a good time with them, so, I think it goes a long way with the guys because a lot of times we get a bad rap at quarterback just sitting back there not doing anything all day. I want to show them I’m trying to work just as hard as they are.”    
Griffin III hasn't been named the starting quarterback by Hue Jackson, but he was asked what he needs to do to prove that he should be the guy.
"Consistency every day," he said. "Go out and prove that you’re the best guy for the job and that’s everybody’s task out there on the field, from every position. Nothing’s guaranteed. There’s no entitlement in any part of this game.
"In the NFL it’s a blessing to play, so when you get a chance to go out there, put on that helmet, put on that jersey, it says Cleveland Browns and you’ve got to make the most of every opportunity so I’ll just go out there and be consistent," he said. "Not consistently good, not consistently average, be consistently great and everything else will fall into place."
Griffin III said being named the starting quarterback doesn't change his approach to the position. 
 "I think the guys when you step out there every day, they see how you work, they see your work ethic, they see your leadership ability, and they buy into those things," he said. "They don't buy into who's the starter, who's not the starter, so I don't focus on that. That's coach's decision, and there's nothing I can do aside from going out there and ball out that's going to change his mind. So that's my plan: Go out there, ball out, have fun and prove to the guys that I'm the guy that they should follow." 
Griffin III said he's not tried to campaign to dispel rumors of what he was like in Washington, rather let the players get to know him and judge him by his actions, rather than by his words. Griffin III was pleased when he was informed that Tramon Williams said he's found Griffin III to be genuine since he's been here.
“I’m not actively trying to do that," he said. "When you hear rumors…whatever…guys are going to make their own judgement on you by what they see. The worst thing you can do is try to come in and be someone you’re not. When you ask me if I’m the same guy, you have to be because guys, what we say is guy's BS meters can go off really fast. If you’re BS’ ing them, they will know that you’re BS' ing them.
"I haven’t actively tried to do that, but it means something to me that a teammate (Williams) said that, because you just try to be who you are because people can see through what is a rumor compared to what is just things that happen in the NFL, compared to who you really are," he said. " I think that’s the best thing you can do is be who you are and maybe some of that stuff  you might have heard is true. But if he came up here and said all that stuff is true, I’d say ‘Dang’ but a lot of that stuff can be extremely false and you can come in and prove who you are some that’s the blessing of a new opportunity with a new team and what the new organization has blessed me with—to just go out and be myself and let guys make their own determination on who I am.”

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