Under Hue Jackson, Cleveland's starting quarterback has to be the "Pied Piper"

Browns quarterbacks rule the day, just as they rule the offense in Cleveland.

BEREA, OHIO— Hue Jackson understands and expects the questions about the quarterback position.

Maybe the most prominent position in Cleveland's sports landscape, the quarterback of the Browns is always a topic of conversation.

And in the time Jackson has been the head coach of the Browns, the topic has become even more of popular topic for a few reasons. 

The first of those reasons is centered around Jackson's renown for his ability to get the best out of the position— fitting, as he believes the quarterback is the most important spot on his football team. 

“It is a quarterback-driven system for us,” Jackson said. “It is about the quarterback making sure that these guys function at a high level all the time.”

Another reason for the constant questions about the quarterback in Cleveland is the lack of a starter to this point. 

Jackson is in no hurry to tab his staring quarterback for the season, but he was more than willing on Wednesday to explain what he’d like to see from that starter. 

“The great quarterbacks in the National Football League, they mold the offensive football team,” Jackson said. “That’s one of the hats. You guys ask me things I’m looking for. That’s another one of the prerequisites for playing quarterback for us.

“That guy is kind of the Pied Piper for a little bit of everything.”

For many Browns fans, the signing of Robert Griffin III almost automatically anointed the former Washington Redskins passer as the “Pied Piper” in Cleveland.

Jackson has repeatedly made clear that won’t be the case, but he’s encouraged by the work that Griffin III is doing thus far. 

“I think he’s understanding and taking the thought process of the demands it takes to play the position so that he’s prepared to play,”  Jackson said. “Kudos to him. He’s done a great job.”

Griffin isn’t the only Browns quarterback that has done a good job, according to Jackson, amidst this offseason. 

Each of Cleveland’s quarterbacks has done encouraging things to this point.

“I think all of our quarterbacks have improved,” Jackson said. “I think they’re getting used to what my expectation is, how to play the position the way I see it through my eyes. (Associate head coach – offense) Pep has (Hamilton) done a great job of preparing these guys each and every day. They’ve come out and done a great job of accepting the challenge.”

While Jackson likes what he’s seen from all of the men in the quarterback room, he knows that Griffin will hog the spotlight. A Heisman Trophy winner and the former Rookie of the Year, Griffin demands attention wherever he goes and that attention is magnified when paired with the aforementioned love of quarterback talk in Cleveland.

Jackson understands all of it and addresses it as it comes, but he wants to make sure that everyone is aware that all in the brown and orange— not just the quarterbacks— are improving with each practice.

“I know every day, like I said when I come in here it’s really about him, I get it,” Jackson said. “But we have some other quarterbacks and other receivers and linemen and defense and special teams that I think they’re all getting better. That’s really the focus of our football team right now.”

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