Des Bryant likely lost for season

The Browns have confirmed that defensive lineman Desmond Bryant suffered a torn pectoral muscle and is likely lost for the season

BEREA, Ohio-- Last Friday, the OBR's Lane Adkins posted this:

"...we are hearing that a veteran defensive lineman for the Browns suffered a pectoral injury recently."

The Browns confirmed that the player is Desmond Bryant in a released statement. Bryant led the Browns in sacks in 2015 with six.

"Bryant underwent surgery on Tuesday to repair a torn pectoral muscle that was sustained during a workout last week. A full recovery is expected but he will miss a significant amount of time and will unlikely be able to return during the 2016 season."

Hue Jackson said that Bryant will be missed. 

"We feel awful for Des," Jackson said in the statement."This is a young man that worked extremely hard this off season to prepare himself for the 2016 season. He really bought into our coaching, our team-over-self-philosophy and was intent on becoming a leader for our team. Ray (Horton) and the defensive staff were expecting a really productive season from him. We all understand that injuries are part of this profession and as a team you have to find a way to overcome them. There is no doubt that we will miss Des this season and we all wish him a speedy recovery.” 

Bryant said he is already looking forward to his return to the field.

“First off, thank you to all the fans, friends, and family who have reached out expressing their well wishes in response to the news of my injury. While I'm frustrated and disappointed about having to miss some time out there with my teammates, I take comfort in knowing that preparations have already begun for an epic return.”

 Bryant recently spoke of how excited that he was for this upcoming season and how he felt the new Browns off-season training program will help himself, as well as the team to stay on the field.

"This year, I'm working on trying to have a complete season," he said. "We're working as a team more overall, on maintaining our health as a team, with more treatments and programs, which I think will go a long way."

Bryant played in 14 games and finished with 33 tackles and a forced fumble to go along with his sack totals.


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