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Have you ever had one of <i>those</I> days? This has been one for me, which explains the late appearance of this page. From sporadic blackouts to Internet troubles, today has left me waiting for a Plague of Frogs. Hopefully the experience gets better during tonight's Couch vs. Hol... er... Browns vs. Packers contest. We'll have numerous updates after the game. Join the dawgs in the chat room during the game. We had over 100 dawgs in there last week. It was a blast!

Cleveland Browns vs. Green Bay Packers
August 15, 2003  8PM EST
Cleveland Browns Stadium
Capacity: 73,000

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CBS TV will broadcast the game nationally, with Greg Gumbel and Phil Simms calling the action.

In Cleveland, the game will be broadcast on CBS channel 19.


Here is our listing of Browns radio affiliates.

WMMS is the team's flagship station. The Browns carry a live NFL feed, and are following the NFL's dictate that fans are charged for Internet radio access to game.

Game Preview Thing

Fans eyes will probably be darting back and forth from the quarterback position to any perceived dimming of the lights as the city recovers from the epic blackout which hit the eastern part of the United States on Thursday and Friday morning. Sporadic blackouts continue to hit areas in Cleveland, although one can assume that all necessary precautions have been taken in advance of tonight's game. We've been knocked out here at Bernie's Insiders for a great deal of the last 24 hours.

Assuming the lights stay on, most fans will be following the outcome of the Kelly Holcomb and Tim Couch battle more closely than any scoring that will occur in tonight's contest. Kelly Holcomb gets an opportunity to start against a first-string defense for the first time this year, and might be able to move past Couch on the depth chart with a good performance. Head Coach Butch Davis promises to name the regular starter before next week's pre-season match-up against the Lions.

More significant progress, however, needs to take elsewhere on the field for the Browns. For the second straight time in this early exhibition season, the Browns first-string was unable to run the ball effectively. Although glittering reports about William Green continue to be heard from practice, interior blocking has been lacking, which has forced Butch Davis to move Barry Stokes back in at left guard.

In addition, Browns fans hope to see greater quarterback pressure from the defensive front, as well as continued progress by the team's young linebackers. In particular, fans should be keeping an eye on Barry Gardner and Andra Davis, whose contest for the starting MLB job has become very close in recent weeks.


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