Local Radio Says Holcomb Will Be Named

Local flagship radio station WTAM is reporting this afternoon that Kelly Holcomb will be named starting quarterback of the Browns. The report comes courtesy of drive time host Mike Trivassano, who has been well-known for giving Browns front office execs the red carpet treatment. Developing...

WTAM afternoon program host Mike Trivassano reported during the station's broadcast of the Cleveland Indians this afternoon that "his sources" are telling him that Kelly Holcomb will be named starting QB of the Browns.

Trivassano has become known in Cleveland for his positive, if not fawning, coverage of the Browns. Browns President Carmen Policy and team owner Randy Lerner appear periodically on Trivassano's show. It is entirely possible that Trivassano has accurate information, and a brief notice posted on the station's web site indicates that there is a great deal of confidence in the report.

If Davis does select Holcomb, it will come as a minor surprise to many who suspected that the team would continue to justify it's drafting and extended contract with Couch by handing him the starting role. Holcomb, however has generated impressive statistics in his opportunities against the Chiefs, Bengals, and Steelers in 2002. Holcomb again looked impressive during the first quarter of last Friday's game against the Packers.

Holcomb has gained significant backing among Browns fans, which would have made it a significant PR challenge for the team to defend the selection of Couch. If the report proves true, it will certainly indicate the Davis was earnest in his statements that contracts and draft position were irrelevant in his decision-making.

BerniesInsiders.com will have more on this story quickly following the press conference that the team is holding at 6PM this afternoon. - AB

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