Hue expects to win: "I don't know any other way"

Hue Jackson said he doesn't know what kind of record the Browns will have, but he said he doesn't know any other way to (coach), but to win.

BEREA, Ohio--Hue Jackson was asked what he thought the Browns record would be and he explained he doesn't know any other way to coach than to expect to win. 

"I don’t know any other way to do this but to chase winning and to chase perfection each and every day," Jackson said. "As you do that, you never know what you can hit on. This is football. There’s no exact science to how this works. There’s no magical way of predicting what the record is going to be. The guys in that locker room are going to determine how good we’re going to be by how they work. I don’t think it has anything to do with being young, old, in between, any of that. It has to do with our process, how we practice, how we go about understanding the opponent, how we go about resting and all the things that I know that Paul is involved with and Sashi is involved with to get our football team to be the best that we can be.

"If we do it better than 31 of the other teams in the National Football League, then we got something special happening, and that’s all we’re chasing and that’s all we’re after," he said. "Now, what the record is going to be, I don’t know, but at the end of the day I know this – we’re going to win, and we’re going to expect to win.”

Jackson said he's trying to change the culture of the Browns and it starts with helping the players believe they can win.

“It’s on its way," he said. "Do I think it’s exactly where it needs to be? No because that’s going to really start to change when the W's go in the column. What I’ve done and tried to do, along with Sashi (Brown) and Paul (DePodesta), is to really talk to our team about expecting to win. If you expect to win, that means you’re willing to do all the work that it takes to put yourself in the position to win.

"These men (Brown and DePodesta) are really responsible for helping me along the process by acquiring good players and putting them on this team," he said. "Obviously, the draft was the start of it for us and our offseason program was the other part of it. Hiring (director of high performance) Adam Beard in the weight room is a huge part of it, and I think the rest of our team that surrounds our football team is very important to this process, too.

"I feel very good about where we’re headed, and I think our players understand that when you get out of the car and you walk in this building, it’s all about work," he said. "It’s nothing else. There are no egos. There is none of that. All we try to do is work every day and put our head down and become the best we can be. Then we’ll let everything else fall where it’s going to fall.”


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