Isaiah Crowell wants to be part of the solution to public-police relations following Instagram post

Isaiah Crowell wants to be part of the solution as opposed to part of the problem when it comes to relations between police and the public.

BEREA-- Isaiah Crowell has pledged to donate money along with a game check and has even attended the funeral of a fallen officer in Dallas. 

Still, he doesn't believe that he's done enough following an inappropriate Instagram post to be completely forgiven for his actions.

"I feel like I have to prove it every day," Crowell said. "I want to be part of the solution and not the problem, and posting that picture I was part of the problem. I don’t want to be that."

After saying that he has to prove that he's better than the action he took in posting the photo, Crowell feels he has an idea about the way in which he wants to do it.

"I hope to have an open dialogue to the community and the police," Crowell said. "I think it’ll be beneficial for everyone to see that I’m not anti-police or anything like that. It was my emotions, and I was upset at the time. I’m open to creating open dialogue between me and my community and the police."

While he wants to create a dialogue, Crowell is open as well to going along on a ride with police and perhaps even doing a detail. Those conversations are on-going, but haven't been solidified yet. 

When asked about the support that he's received in the wake of the post, Crowell thought first to the Browns organization.

Though the front office referred to the incident as one of "grave disappointment", head coach Hue Jackson indicated as well that Crowell's character shouldn't be defined by a singular lapse in judgement. 

The running back knows that he's lucky to have that support, especially with the things that he's been hearing from fans and the people around the country. 

"I’m just happy that Hue and Sashi and the owner have given me an opportunity to show people that’s not who I am," Crowell said. "They believe in me and understand who I am. I really appreciate it."

As Training Camp begins on Friday, Crowell knows he'll likely hear boos or perhaps even worse when he walks out onto the field for the first time.

He's expecting to be on the receiving end of some harsh words, but he believes that those uttering them have the right to do so. 

"I’m not really nervous. I understand if people say bad things," Crowell said. "Whatever people say, I understand. Everyone has an opinion and are free to their opinion." 

At the end of the day, though the post has been deleted, the damage has been done. 

Crowell will forever be associated with the image, but he will do all that he can to take responsibility in an effort to come to an understanding with the many who were offended by the illustration. 

"I understand that I made a mistake by posting the picture. Its my fault," Crowell said. "I man up and apologize to everyone. I’m sorry to my fans and the whole Browns organization. I’ll do my best to show everyone that’s not who I am."

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