RGIII is ready for Cleveland's QB competition and is ready to guide Josh Gordon as well

Robert Griffin III is ready for the QB competition in Cleveland and is looking forward to provide guidance for his friend Josh Gordon.

BEREA, Ohio-- Robert Griffin III already seems to believe he has an edge going into Cleveland's Training Camp quarterback competition. 

Try as they may, the other Browns quarterbacks can't catch him.

"There’s only one of us that runs 4.3," Griffin said.

Though Griffin has already identified a strength that he maintains over Josh McCown and Cody Kessler, he knows too that speed isn't going to be a big enough factor to land him the starting job.

He wouldn't go into the specifics of what he'll have to do to push him into the starting position, but feels that he has to prove every day that he's willing to work harder than the others. 

"All you can do is come out here and show the gifts that God has blessed you with and continue to work hard every day," Griffin said. "You gotta go out and you gotta put in the work and show that you are one of the 53 guys who can make this team."

While the determining factors in the QB battle aren't certain, Hue Jackson said Thursday that the Browns will name a starter before the first preseason game on August 12 in Green Bay.  

Griffin is in favor of knowing earlier rather than later, though it gives him just two weeks of practices to solidify his spot.

"I think at the end of the day you come out here every day having to work to be the guy, to be the best," Griffin said. "Even when they name the starter you still have to come out here and work and prove it every single day." 

Though Griffin is taking the competition seriously, he admitted on Friday that he's had fun working with the quarterbacks that he's fighting against.

Each competitor may be looking for any edge possible to grab the job, but there are no hard feelings amidst the group.

"It’s a great quarterback group. The room is awesome to be able to go in with those guys and study, learn the game, see how different guys see the game," Griffin said. "They made the entire process fun and all of us know that when we step out on the field we’re competing, but there’s no reason for us to be competing with our notes closed or with a cold shoulder. All of us are out there together trying to get better and win."

No quarterback in Cleveland's room is faster than Griffin, nor does anyone know newly reinstated receiver Josh Gordon better than Griffin. 

Gordon said on Thursday that Griffin is the reason he committed to play at Baylor and that there's no mistake that their lockers stand side-by-side in the Browns' newly renovated locker room. 

Griffin backed up those sentiments and is looking forward to help guiding is friend towards a more productive career in Cleveland. 

"We basically grew up together in college," Griffin said. "I know who Josh is and like I've always told him, he's always been family. We have always been family. I know what he has to do to overcome obstacles that he has put himself into so, to me he has always been that guy. If you talk to him, you're going to love him. You are going to think he's a great guy. He just made a couple mistakes and it's his job and our job to no longer make those mistakes."

As he helps Gordon and competes for Cleveland's starting job under center, Griffin has one goal in mind. 

It's something he lost following his stellar rookie season and something that he wants to recapture as he gets a new slate in Cleveland. 

Griffin just wants to have fun.

"It’s a kids game that we get to play for a king’s ransom, at the end of the day," Griffin Said. "You’ve done your studying, you’ll continue to do your studying, you worked hard, you’ve run, you’ve lifted, all those things. Now, you’ve just got to come out here and have fun. I think that’s the beauty of the game, the more fun you have the easier it is for you to play freely and go out and make plays."

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