The Browns believe in the ability of their playmakers to make Cleveland's offense dynamic

The Browns believe they have some playmakers at the skill positions that can make the offense dynamic, despite the national sentiments.

BEREA, Ohio-- The national perception is that the Browns lack in the 'playmakers' department. 

For one of Cleveland's said skill players, the opinions of 'some' matters little.

"I don’t really pay “some people” no mind because at the end of the day, I’m out here with my team and we’re out here with each other and the coaches and everyone in the building and we’re going towards a goal," Duke Johnson said. "We didn’t let anyone dictate what our goal may be and what we can and can’t accomplish.”

Joe Thomas too believes that the Browns have a bit more in their skill position players than many around the country believe. 

Pair those players with the mind of Hue Jackson and Thomas feels that the Browns offense can be special.

"I think that we've got some of the core pieces that really did a lot better than our expectations were probably on offense last year and those guys are coming back. That’s what’s really exciting," Thomas said. "I think we can do some really good things, especially at the skill positions.”

While Thomas will have his own responsibility on the offensive line, Johnson has already spent time studying Jackson's offense and how it goes for the running backs. 

As the offensive coordinator in Cincinnati, Jackson used Giovani Bernard and Jeremy Hill early and often, which Johnson expects will be the case with he and Isaiah Crowell this season. 

“He did some great things with them," Johnson said. "Some different things kind of than what we were used to last year and some things that me and Crow both have to adjust to this year to help our game and take our game to another level."

Johnson wouldn't get into the ins and outs of how things are different for the backs with the Browns, but he feels that the main difference is a physicality that Jackson expects from his players. 

That physicality, Johnson said, will be the difference in the running game-- and the offense-- from last year to this year. 

“We’re looking forward to game in and game out just being physical," Johnson said. "That’s something that coach wants from everyone, starting up front and passed on to everybody. I believe if we’re all physical and we all do our job, we have the potential." 

At the end of the day, Johnson knows that the Browns won't be successful if only the skill players are doing their job on offense. 

Jackson has preached the importance of each of the 11 players performing to their maximum capabilities on offense-- only then will the Browns live up to their goals. 

“We have the potential to have a great, dynamic offense," Johnson said. "Like I said, it’s about everyone doing their job and putting it all together at the same time. Just because we have one guy that is coming back that’s a dynamic player, if we don’t block up front and get the guy the ball, then none of it matters. All 11 guys got to do their job.”

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