Terrelle Pryor is already providing guidance to reinstated receiver Josh Gordon

Terrelle Pryor has been a guiding influence for Josh Gordon in the first few days of Training Camp.

BEREA, Ohio--Terrelle Pryor is 'all in' with Josh Gordon.
Pryor thinks Gordon will be able to put the suspensions and off field demons behind him and once again, will be a major asset to the Browns receiving corps.
"He’s phenomenal," Pryor said. "(Gordon's) just a guy that, you know, he broke the rules, and he dealt with the consequences but this guy he sits by me in every meeting, asks me questions. Coach Jackson will be up there teaching, you know, and it’s kind of frowned upon not to talk while the coach is, but he’s okay with it because I know the offense pretty well.
"I’m sitting right between Corey (Coleman) and Josh and we have conversation the whole time," he said. "What about this, what about this, and we talk. We pay attention as well. It’s constant communication. You can tell the guy’s very hungry. Can’t wait for him to get back out there. I’m excited. I know we’re excited as a group because obviously, he’s going to be a big deal for us as well, so looking forward to him."
Despite catching just one pass thus far in his NFL career as a wide receiver, most observers feel that he will be on the roster due to his athleticism and past relationship with Hue Jackson.
“He drafted me in Oakland," Pryor said. "I was with him for a year, and then, in Cincinnati for a little bit. Just the relationship, I spent a year with him all the time. He’s always with the quarterbacks, so I spent an awful lot of time with him, Carson (Palmer) and Matt Leinart. Those were the guys in the room, and the guy’s just awesome. He’s a football mind. I probably drive him crazy in the meeting room when he’s installing because I ask questions all day. He knows. Sometimes, he’ll just tell me, ‘Terrelle, shut up. Don’t answer this.’ It’s because I know this stuff pretty good."
Gordon led the NFL in receiving yardage in 2013 with 1,646 yards, but has been suspended by the NFL and not played since the 2014 season. Pryor said Gordon is excited about getting back and proving that he can turn his circumstances around.
"When Josh was talking to coach (Al) Saunders yesterday, and he said ’this is one of the best receiving corps since I’ve been here. It’s the best receiving corps.’"
Pryor was asked if he felt Gordon is going to be able to start with a clean slate with Jackson and the Browns. “You know, when Coach said, the first meeting of camp, we came in there and he had a recorder on there," he said. "On that, it says, ‘Erase the tape. Record a new message.’ Like he said, everybody has a clean slate. I read a little bit about and talked about some of the other guys. Whether they played good or they didn’t, you have a clean slate.
"Coach believes he can coach the guys up the right way," he said. "Same with Josh. This guy can play. The guy, he’s been tremendous in meetings. He’s been in special-teams meetings, going over and talking me through stuff and he’s not even on special teams. This guy, he’s just involved. He wants to be involved and he’s been doing an awesome job. I really can’t brag anymore. He’s doing awesome and I’m very proud of him."
Pryor said Gordon has a bad reputation from those that don't know him and he's confident the Browns will ultimately reap the benefits for sticking with him.
"If you guys knew Josh, like really knew him, you would see that he’s got a big heart," Pryor said. "The guy has a big heart. it’s funny. if you didn’t know him and you just heard about the situations that he had and the situations he’s been going through with the Browns, the guy has a huge heart.
"He’s a competitor, he’s itching to get out there, he’s a hard worker," he said. "It’s totally opposite of what I heard before he came back. I heard different stories of what he was while he was there before I never got here. He’s totally different, he’s a hard worker. and I really can’t wait to get out there with him and I really can’t wait to see him play. it’s going to be awesome.
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