Hue Jackson and the Browns are dreaming of a tremendously talented trio of WRs taking the field in Cleveland this season

Hue Jackson is already dreaming of what a talented trio of Browns wide receivers could bring to Cleveland this season.

BEREA, Ohio— It’s close to becoming reality, but it’s not quite there yet. 

That’s why Hue Jackson can only dream about what it would look like when it comes to fruition. 

“There are a lot of thoughts that go through my mind,” Jackson said, with a wink. “I can’t tell you all of them.” 

It, of course, is the combination of Josh Gordon, Terrelle Pryor and Corey Coleman lining up on the field together, providing a three tremendously-talented pass catchers to the Browns' offense.

With Gordon and Coleman returning to practice on Monday, the potential trio is closer than ever to joining forces and Jackson is well aware.  

“Those guys have size, they have speed, they have length, they have the ability to make plays on the ball,” Jackson said. “That’s exciting, but we haven’t had them all out there together yet really. They’ve been out there for the past couple days doing some things, but hopefully we can in the future and that all works out, get all these guys out there playing together for our offensive football team.”

Jackson’s not the only one that thinks about the trio and it’s potential potency in Cleveland’s offense. 

Gordon, who returned to practice Monday for the first time in nearly two years following suspension and injury, was driven to get back onto the field by the thought of joining Pryor and his Baylor brother in brown and orange. 

The former Pro Bowler never had the chance to play with Coleman in Waco, which makes the new opportunity all the more intriguing. 

“Corey is a young guy, I watched him growing up going back to Baylor,” Gordon said. “(It’s) just (about) being helpful where I can be helpful towards him.”


While Gordon met Coleman in Texas, the receiver was introduced to Pryor in Charlotte and the two have become good friends ever since. 

“The year I was suspended I got to train with TP, last year, his first year at receiver, in North Carolina we were working out,” Gordon said. “We built that bond a long time ago. A lot of people didn’t know that we grew very close.”

Gordon has gotten to know Pryor and Coleman quite well, but the latter two are just beginning to form a relationship. 

A friendship hasn’t taken long, however, as former quarterback is impressed with Coleman both on and off the field.

"I think what makes a great player is like that focus in your eyes, that lion— that heart of a lion," Pryor said. "It’s got to mean something to you to compete and that’s what I like about Corey Coleman— that guy got some dog in him."

As they continue to better one another, the three receivers still wonder what could be come the fifth week of the regular season, when all will be eligible to play for the Browns. 

If the on-field connection between the three talented pass catchers then is anything like their relationship away from the gridiron now, Jackson’s reality could become better than his dreams. 

“Everybody’s really like family here,” Gordon said. “I think it’s great and I think we could definitely benefit from that.”

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