Fear Should Not Drive Browns Decisions

The Cleveland Browns will have some difficult decisions to make when they start to cutdown their roster. They should not let fear be one of the factors.

In the above video, the man that runs the Cleveland Browns Organization, Sashi Brown, talks about the Browns culture. The Cleveland Browns team on the field have some interesting combination of highly drafted players, some struggling, and undrafted players, some excelling more than expected.

The only that is clear, to me, at this point is that the team can't let fear factor into their decision making.

When discussing Justin Gilbert and Barkevious Mingo on Twitter, the idea of fear came up a few different times. People were worried about the "What ifs" of physical talent like Gilbert and Mingo going someplace else and succeeding. While the concept is fair enough, if they are not succeeding with the Browns, in the Browns system, with the Browns coaches and around the rest of the Browns players, that turn around is unlikely with the Browns.

Interestingly enough, there are few cases of former Browns going elsewhere and doing so well that the Browns regret their decision to let them go. Jabaal Sheard is the recent name. Sheard had a very good start to his career with the Browns then struggled with all the coaching changes. Many still saw talent but the Browns let him go in free agency and he has played very well for the Patriots.

Beside Sheard, there are a few former Browns that have played well enough but nothing to create regret like Jordan Cameron and Buster Skrine.

It will be interesting to see how the big free agent class lost this offseason, Mitchell SchwartzTashaun GipsonAlex Mack and Travis Benjamin, do in their new situations. Schwartz and Mack play tough positions to judge and the Browns line looks worse from their loss. Gipson in centerfield of a young, upgraded Jaguars defense could be great while Benjamin's deep threat ability will be interesting to watch with QB Philip Rivers.

Gilbert and Mingo are the two big names that many believe are on the chopping block but Pierre DesirK'Waun Williams and even this year's huge Draft class could be subject to being cut. Teams tend to build around young guys with upside. This list, along with others on the team, are young guys with talent, enough to either get drafted pretty high or shown on the field.

While the odds are against Mingo and Gilbert really breaking out with another team, new situations can be very beneficial for players. New schemes, new voices and even the kick in the pants of being cut can lead to player success. That same success is less likely with the Browns.

The Browns need to focus on players that fit who they are as a team, fit the schemes they want to run and are bought in. While the history says that a new coaching staff and front office is likely in the next 2 to 3 years, they can't plan in that way. They must go all in on themselves. If an unknown player needs to make the team both for on and off the field reasons, than so be it.

If they see Tank Carder as a better fit than Philip Wright (Scooby) than they need to make that move. If Marlon Moore's development as a wide receiver and usefulness on Special Teams is important, than cutting a rookie like Ricardo Louis or a solid veteran like Andrew Hawkins must go.

The Browns could end up with a number of surprise cuts for a variety of reasons. Mingo, Gilbert, Desir, Louis and others could bloom somewhere else if they are cut. That can't be the Browns problem. That cant be a factor in their decision making.

The Browns must have confidence in their evaluations and trust their ability to get the best out of their talent.

Fear should play no part in their decisions.

Do you worry about the Browns cutting players like Mingo & Gilbert and them going on to succeed elsewhere? Would it impact your decision making?


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