Karlos Williams Cut, Should Cleveland Browns Take Shot?

The Buffalo Bills just cut Karlos Williams, should the Cleveland Browns take a shot at the risky back?

In the above video we hear how excited the Buffalo Bills were about Karlos Williams. He had a very good rookie season last year, 517 yards on only 93 carries and 7 TDs. Today he was cut by the Bills before starting his 2nd year in the league:


To cut a young player who has, in a small sample size, proven he can not only play but be very good in this league, is a strong statement. The Bills have quite a few solid running backs but Williams combination of size, production and ceiling are just not something you pass on quickly.

Williams fell all the way to the 5th Round even though he ran a 4.48 forty yard dash at the Combine while standing 6'1" and over 230 pounds. In his two seasons with the Florida State Seminoles, Williams rushed for over 1,400 yards, with a great 5.9 yard per carry mark, and 22 TDs.

Williams fell to the 5th Round after he switched from playing safety to running back at FSU and after he was investigated for a domestic violence issue.

Many question his football desire, work ethic and character. Williams reported to camp overweight, some estimated 20 to 30 pounds, and has already been suspended for the first four games of the season due to substance use.

On the other hand, 7 TDs in under 100 carries is an impressive number.

The Cleveland Browns will likely be connected to putting in a claim on Williams. They are high in the waiver order process, want to be a run-first team, still are trying to establish their rotation and have a coach in Hue Jackson that is big on second chances.

Williams' style fits what Jackson had with the Bengals at Jeremy Hill. Not the same back but big, powerful and with enough speed to break some long runs. It is possible that Hue sees the on the field fit and hopes a change of scenery could be good for the player.

On the other hand, the Browns already have Josh Gordon suspended for the first 4 games and are looking to establish a culture that Williams may not fit. While his talent seems undeniable, not loving football does not fit with what Jackson and the Browns are looking for in their team.

On talent alone, Williams would be a great fit. He could fit Isaiah Crowell for carries in the best case scenario and fight Terrell Watson and others to be the Browns big, third back. He also wouldn't cost anything in a trade, has a cheap contract and has limited but proven track record. If everything goes bad, the Browns could simply cut him.

The off the field, character related issues are too concerning, in my opinion, for the Browns to take the chance right now. Jackson wants players who eat, sleep and dream football. Williams, at least based on his reputation, does not.

Karlos Williams could be claimed by the Cleveland Browns, I just wouldn't bet on it.

Would you take the risk on the talent of Williams despite the other issues?


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