Could Browns have a 'Big 3' at receiver?

The Browns are anticipating having Corey Coleman, Terrelle Pryor and Josh Gordon on the field this week, possibly at the same time.

BEREA,Ohio-- There has been a lot of talk about the Browns wide receiver corps in recent years--most of it negative.

This year, there's been a lot of talk about the possibility of having a potentially explosive group of receivers. Friday night against Tampa Bay, the trio of Corey Coleman, Terrelle Pryor and Josh Gordon are expected to all be on the field, possibly at the same time.

Hue Jackson was asked about the possibility and said he's looking forward to it.

“I am," he said. "I’m looking forward to one having them there, potentially having them all for a game and have them go out there and play with our offensive football team. It would be fun to watch all those guys and see the different pieces, but we have to get them there. I just want to make sure. I’m going to be cautious. I’m going to talk to our medical staff. They were out here today, which was good.

"We’ll see where they are, and hopefully, they’ll be back out here tomorrow so we can get better again before we take off or have them every day," he said. "I think that’s the goal. I think when we started this process with Josh and with Corey since his hamstring, our whole goal was to make sure those guys are here for consecutive days so they can practice and be with the quarterbacks and the quarterbacks can get a feel for them, they get a feel for the quarterbacks and feel for their teammates. It is important for them to be out there. We’ll know more as we go through the week.”

Jackson said the trio gives Robert Griffin III and the offense multiple weapons.

“They provide us with some opportunities to do some things that we like to do," he said. "Pryor, (Gordon), Corey, Hawk (WR Andrew Hawkins), we have a lot of good guys, a lot of different pieces that we can use. Those guys are just part of it. We have some other guys and we just have to keep getting better.”

All three practiced together in Tampa Bay and Jackson was asked if Coleman could be used in the slot.

“He could be," he said. "They could be all over the place. I think you guys know me. I come up with all these crazy dreams and I’ll put these guys all over the place. They might be playing tackle someday you never know. Those guys afford us an opportunity to do a lot of different things. We are just scratching the surface because we have to keep them all out there. Sometimes you have to make amends if one is not out there, two of them are not out there. We will just keep working through it, but they are talented. They are a talented trio.”

Pryor was asked what he thought about the possibilities, but wanted to down play the whole thought.

 “I don’t want to go and put bulletin board material stuff out there because we’re all pros out here," he said. "We’re all going to battle. If you look at just the size and speed of what me and Josh have, of course, it is somewhat of a disadvantage in some stuff. We are going to go out there and battle our butts off. We have great talent. Corey is coming back. He’ll be back tomorrow full go, and Hawk is coming back. We’re starting to get our guys back so it’s exciting, and we just have to get better as a whole group and play harder tomorrow.”

Gordon is anxious to get back on the field for a game--albeit it preseason--for the first time in nearly two seasons. 

“It’d be great," Gordon said. "It’d be great. I’m working the kinks out here at practice and back at home in Cleveland as much as possible to get ready for it, for Friday, and for next week and going into the season. Hopefully, I can pick up where we left off at practice out here and things will go smoothly on Friday.”



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