Gameballs and Goats: The G's Have It

Browns fans sounded off in record numbers for the recent Packers game, and cannily anticipated Butch Davis' actions in making Andra Davis and Kelly Holcomb starters. If this continues, Gerard Warren should start looking over his shoulder: Browns fans awarded him more goathorns than anyone last week.<BR><BR><small><I>Some fan comments published in this article contain adult language. Published comments do not neccessarily represent the views of Bernie Kosar or</I></small>

The Week's Results

The Gameballs and Goats voting booth seems to be catching on, because we set another record for the number of gameballs and goats which were handed out for the second straight week!

The voting was clearly slanted heavily by the emotional QB issue, with both Kelly Holcomb and Tim Couch getting votes from supporters and fans who felt they had solid games. William Green's stellar, but brief, appearance in the game got him the most votes, with Andra Davis and Jeff Faine serving as non-"skill position" players who attracted the attention of Browns fans.

On the opposite side of the coin, DT Gerard Warren seems to be the new focus of fan antipathy, garnering 71 goathorns for going the second straight week without a tackle. The defenses' lackluster performance earned goathorns for entire units, and Courtney Brown's decision not to appear got razzed by 23 fans.

Here are the top vote-getters in each category:

Player Gameballs
William Green 128
Kelly Holcomb 126
Andra Davis 83
Tim Couch 47
Jeff Faine 14
Kevin Johnson 13
Quincy Morgan 11
Michael Jameson 10
---O Line--- 7
Billy Blanchard 6


Player Goathorns
Gerard Warren 71
---Entire Defense--- 68
---D Line--- 40
Steve Heiden 30
Courtney Brown 23
Dave Campo 18
Andre King 15
Barry Gardner 15
---Fans--- 15
---LB Unit--- 13

Gameball Comments:

snesbit Andra Davis is stepping up.  Excellent awareness lateralling the ball to Henry after his interception."
chrisrockins We have a great QB problem in Cleveland.  Both guys looked sharp"
frumanchu Green - ran with authority and showed both power and speed.
smagyar Holcomb made me a believer! 
maxtng Holcomb should win the starting gig now and William Green looks like he is ready to pick up where he left off last year.
clevelandfan Starting OL - blocked much, much better than last week.  Hopefully the improvement will continue on through the rest of preseason, and on into the regular season."
brownswarrior19 Offense was  good all aspects WR, RB, and o-line looked sharp, kelly did a great job and couch showed a lil sumpthin'
eelkinsjr Jackson - Used to fall down when touched, but not anymore!"
lukedawg12 Holcomb is the man b/c he SHOWS UP TO PLAY DAMMIT!!!!!
indybones Watch Faine running down the field on Greens TD!  "
yahnke Everyone who's last name is Davis...
battershell I'd hate to be the one to make the QB decision...  I'm guessing Butch and Bruce would have loved for one player to go out and throw 3 interceptions to make their job a little easier.  Both are proven performers.
stov Faine is a pleasure to watch
fkaferrell2 Though I slightly favor Couch...he's been our guy since the beginning & has taken a beating while helping this fledging franchise return to respectability...right now Holcomb looks very composed & ready to shine.  He was almost perfect last nite!!!
maheller71 Holcomb and Couch both looked good. Holcomb was going against a 1st string defense and moved the ball well. You gotta let this guy start. Couch did play well but I didn't think it compared to Holcomb's performance. Green looked awesome! You can't catch him from behind. Davis showed good hustle and broke up some plays.
redright All the young DBs showed real improvement, could pressure Cutch and Griffith
vegasbob William Green brought memories of Jim Brown and Leroy Kelly on his touchdown run.
madman57 Jameson was all over the field, good job.
muskiedawg01 Faine is going to be a monster in orange and brown for years to come.
jmazzulo920 Willie was awesome, Kelly showed why he is the man to lead the Browns, and Faine was a stud, he is gonna be a good one
bphotdawg William Green, ran extremely hard, broke some tackles, and showed amazing burst.
csor Orpheus Roye and Andra Davis get consideration for standout efforts, but the defense as a whole was too horrendous to get them in the top three.
browns85 Great run by Green, it was nice to see the O-line down field blocking.
ccdawg49 The team looked sharp under Holcomb, Green is poised for a big season, and how often would the long-snapper get a vote for a game ball, but Pontbriand's play has as good as advertised.
joe brownlee Andra Davis -- One of the few defensive players that showed up. Have a seat on the bench, Mr. Gardner.
willisadams Courtney Brown --- For doing what he thought best, something he should do more often.
doctorfresh Willy Green--reminds me of Emmett Smith when he was young and nearing his prime: small, quick and able to burn you if you leave him too big a hole.
fairwayseeker Steve Heiden made a nice catch to give our passers some confidence to throw to the TEs.
shanebrowndawg Andra for playing very good defense.  He was the only one on the field (aside from a few good shots from Jameson).
dabrowns31 Jameson was a beast Friday night.. he was all over the place...
bassline Forget Green - did you catch Jeff Faine hauling all 300+ pounds of his ass right down the field behind Willie on that TD run?
estaller Tim Couch - Played well in only 2 series of work, nice TD strike to KJ.  This team is in good hand with two VERY quality QBs, and one hell of a QB as backup!  (who should start, but we'll see what happens during the season)."
neuby03 Tim and Kelly both moved the offense well.  I'm glad I'm not the one who has to make that decision.  I don't think you can go wrong either way.

Goat Comments:

snesbit Cutch wasn't terrible, he just looked like he was having trouble.
chrisrockins Could of used that Crocker pick. Where were you Bentley? Thompson ran around like he had never played football before
frumanchu Fans - C'mon. Was there really a reason to boo Couch?!? Garay - This ain't wrestling, chief. When the guy's on the ground it's already over. Heiden - Keep your head in the game. The penalties were costly.
maxtng The defense is absolutely freaking horrible, the stands were half empty, and the offensive line took a great deal of pleasure in killing drives with stupid penalties. Will you print my comments if I say F***? (NOTE: Sorta - AB)
clevelandfan Defense - Horrible, things better improve dramatically in the coming weeks with the D if this team wants to win this year. Green Bay's offense ran/passed all over them. Andre King - Someone please explain to me why he is still on the team. Release him and give C.J. Jones his spot. D-Line - No pressure on the QB all game...another quiet game from Gerard 'Loose Change' Warren.
brownswarrior19 D was garbage. reminded me of a K.C chiefs game. our offense was basically our D and probably will be all year.
eelkinsjr Heiden - This week penalties, last week dropped passes... Next week fumbles?? Couch - Never, never throws the ball down the field!! The ole dink and dunk routine, once a receiver goes more than 10-yards down field he may as well forget it! De fense - Picket fense, rusty fense, no fense!?
indybones Please don't waste any more time. Get Andra in there. The guy is going to be a player. The int was great-- the lateral to Henry reminded me of an int by Clay Mathews against the Oilers. Clay's lateral was a fiasco! Andra's went well. What a guy! As for our corners, Oh, what I would give for Hanford and Minnie!
yahnke where was Gardner?
apvic Butch needs to sit Warren's rededicated a** down.. see if that will help... ZERO ?? AGAIN?? Another "defensive starter running a close second to Warren is Little..." Little ought to change his name from Llittle to "out of position and late".. and what's with Heiden ?? the silly a** is always smiling after he gets another of his stupid penalties.. is he related to the Joker ??? Campo needs to spend some serious time with Lewis Sanders and his pathetic tackling....
battershell I can't believe the D's problems keep getting overshadowed by the QB situation. It won't matter who is under center if our D plays like this.
stov I've seen Pop Warner players tackle with more authority.
miscdebris Sanders missed many a tackle , and was in great position to pin the Pack deep on punt coverage, but he left part of his equipment on the field, namely his jock
fkaferrell2 The (handful of...?) fans who continue to boo Tim Couch when he's on the field doing everything he can to make this football team better amazes & disgusts me. What has this young man done so badly to draw such vitriol from these fans? I just don't get it!?!
maheller71 WHERE IS GERARD WARREN??? DID WE TRADE HIM?? Watching the defense made me sick. Two weeks in a row with opening touchdown drives. The line is not stopping the run or rushing the passer at all. They must improve.
redright D-line; the magic isn't supposed to be a disappearing act!
vegasbob Warren is not even trying...
madman57 Did "Big Money" even play$$$? If so it might be time to cut our losses$$$. Antonio, the play was over and you still speared the guy - ugly.
lazywaste Where's Warren???
muskiedawg01 Don't understand what Darnell Sanders problem is b/c he should be able to take Heiden's spot. I thought that blocking was supposed to be Sanders' strong point. Heiden has looked like garbage so far. Andre King should be the odd man out at WR, and Gerard needs to start backing up his comments.
weweber3 BIG $$$$ = SMALL CHANGE once again.... the secondary looked ok, but had the opportunity to make things happen. The front 4 was HORRIBLE!
bphotdawg Warren, appears to be slow and does not seem to have any effective pash rushing techniques. Steve Heiden is seems to constantly make mistakes, I am surprised he did not drop the touchdown pass. Lang, just seems like he is never able to make the big play when the defense neeeds him to do so.
tbone13 Defense looked horrible!
csor Defensive line once again needs to watch Orpheus Roye to see how its done. Andra Davis needs to start, plain and simple.
natedawg1 Time for fat boy to go away. ... Policy for 3 very bad first round picks
browns85 Two weeks in a row. Mental errors by King and Heiden and Warren not showing up again.
ccdawg49 we better learn to tackle soon!!!!
fleadawg Farve made the Brown's defense his bitch for the night. Sad, very SAD!!!
joe brownlee Heiden -- Sure two catches and a TD, but two more penalties. King -- No catches, but a late hit. See you on the unemplyment line. Warren - Small change is 0-fer the start sheet for the preseason. What a waste of space.
willisadams Packers Team Plane, for arriving before the blackout.
doctorfresh Courtney Brown: We're not paying you to play when you feel like it! Stop being a baby and earn your pay check! Defense: Good Lord, it's gonna be a long season
fairwayseeker Our Defense is missing too many tackles - maybe we should do just a little more full-speed "live" hitting before the season starts to improve technique and find out who the "Hitters" are. D. Campo needs to rethink leaving the opposing Center and 1 guard uncovered in our base defense - that's why our opponents have been able to establish early dominance up front!
scott.c Somebody kick (Foge Fazio) in the nuts please. I know he doesn't work here anymore, but I still have to blame him for this mess they call a defense.
mikehey campo has to get the defense working if warren doesn't want to tackle any one start some one else.
rjesker Our starting defense is not looking good. Orpheus Roye is the only starter to shine in the first two preseason games. Did Gerard Warren play??? It was hard to tell if he was even in two preseason games. I hope that we can field a defense in the next two weeks.
shanebrowndawg The defense-- In the words of Tony Kornhieser "It stinks". Courtney for asking not to play, but wanting to play next week on artificial turf. Garay for getting stupid penalties.
dboots Warren--I could block him!!!!!
tmantell The Fans make me SICK!!!!! Booing your own player with the lead in preseason---GROW UP or go elsewhere!!!!
estaller Defense - flat out sucked. This unit better kick it into gear, quickly! Defensive Coaches - Start lighting fires under these guys butts, and get them going, because they are not doing ANYTHING!!!
dawgiestile Did Big Fatty play friday night?
zorba7 Corners: Wow, what we lack in run support, we lack in coverage. I'm glad to see we have such "competition" in the secondary.
neuby03 I hope Warren is saving his "break out" season for the regular season.

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